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    I am somewhat familiar with the Ruger Mark II, a bear to disassemble/reassemble - I am in process of buying the new Mark III, but I'm reluctant because of the pain to take those thing apart. I'd appreciate any input from those of you here who own the Browning Buckmark - what advice can you give me regarding the Browning - is it easier to take apart, or should I go with the Ruger? Thanks in advance.

    Pete (The Oldfella)
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    Hi Pete, Sorry I'm not able to tell you anything about the Buckmark but I'm one of those Ruger Mark 11 owners that have never taken mine apart and probably never will. I just spray it with Gun Blaster or similar product. A product like this plus compressed air is what a lot of guys use, then just a little oil. Some say they like the ritual of taking one apart and think it does a better job. As for me I'll take my chances. I'm not going to lose that little part that sends me to the gunsmith.

    Forgot to tell you. Welcome to G and G! A few old fellers here. Some forty years old and some seventy years old. Old is a state of mind. Right!
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  3. I haven't owned a Buckmark, so I can't help you there. I think the reputation for being difficult to take down, and reassemble is way overstated. It's not difficult, but there are a couple of steps that have "tricks" to them. If you have someone show you how to do it (dealer or another owner) then do it yourself a few times back to back, you'll never have a problem.

    I purchased a used MKII several years ago, sans manual or case. The shop owner showed me how to disassemble/assemble it before I purchased it. I took it home in a brown paper bag, shot it a week later, took it apart and couldn't for the life of me get it back together. Sheepishly, I took it back to the shop in pieces in the paper bag. The owner chuckled and said I wasn't the first and likely wouldn't be the last and walked me through reassmbly. After that, I went home and did it on my own 3 or 4 times in a row to get it down. After that, I could put it back together about as fast as my 1911 or Beretta.

    There are a few parts where you have to manually manipulate (unless your pisol is really broken in) the hammer forward and backward to get the bolt in and out. Also the hammer strut has to be in a certain position when you close the backstrap. Both are very easily accomplished, but if not done will lead to heaps of frustration like a particular moron in a youtube video bashing the ruger.

    I now own a MKIII and, thanks to the magazine safety, there are a few magazine isertions and removals during the process. It's still not difficult.

  4. I've owned both and while the Ruger may be a bit more fiddly, once you've mastered it, it isn't really a problem. Accuracy wise, my Ruger won hands down, so my money is on the Ruger!
    How often do you clean a 22 anyway????
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    O.K., now I have to ask how many of you shooters have shot both the Ruger and the Buckmark and which did you find the most accurate and the easiest to clean?
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    Good questions Windwalker...cut right to the bone of the subject at hand...which I hope to read answers to, cause I too am at the Ruger Mark III and Browning Buck Mark crossroads.

    Info and experience that I've gathered thus far leans me toward purchasing the Buck Mark, which includes shooting a friend's older browning and finding it to be an accurate and easy shooting 22LR pistol.

    So, the dilemma before me is to decide on which Buck Mark model suits my shooting needs the best...and my wallet's present ability to fund the purchase.

    Browning Buck Mark Pistols, Product
  7. I went with a Sig mosquito, field strips like all the other Sig's. A joy to shoot and maintain as well. My 2 cents worth.
  8. The Buckmark is very easy to disassemble and reassemble. I have a Ruger 22/45 that is a serious PITA to take down and put back together. I like the 22/45, but I think I like the Buckmark better for shooting, as well.
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    ^+1. I would go with the Buckmark Camper.
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    I own a AMT which is an exact copy of the Ruger and a Browning Varmit which is the heavy barrel buckmark and I don't take them down I just spray and scrub with a tooth brush if you take your guns down they wear out faster. I only take them apart when I have to for a broken part or if I can't clean it with out taking down(like sticky firing pins)
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    I love how people post and don't actually answer the question ;-) (Just messin' guys!)

    Anyways, I own the camper and I will say that it is odd to figure out the first time but after that it is a breeze. You undo an allen screw on the top rear of the pistol and you undo another screw under the barrel at the front of the finger guard. Then the pistol comes apart, barrel and all. Easy as pie.
    I had the same dilemma a few months back. Here were my issues:
    LOOKS: I think the ruger is really pretty. The browning is simple and plain but nice.
    FEEL: Ruger feels nice until you hold the buckmark. Then it feels like you have your shoes on the wrong feet (still works but just kind of awkward). The buckmark is made to fit my hand.
    DISASSEMBLY: From what I have HEARD, the browning wins hands down.
    ACCURACY: Debatable

    Bottom line for me: LOVE MY BUCKMARK!!!!
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    I have a Ruger Mark II, Ruger 22-45 and a Browning Buckmark. What I don't like about the Buckmark is that you need a very small L-Allen to take it down. Nothing to it after that, but I find it cumbersome to try to keep track of small Allen wrenches and screws (and those tiny "special" washers) in my living room - and the field is even worse.

    For disassembly, the Rugers are okay - I can do it with normal hand tools I keep everywhere and there's nothing tiny to keep track of.

    I like the feel of the Buckmark except that it's made for a small hand. My hand always feels cramped on the handle. I also don't like the initial cock on the spring. It's REALLY stiff and there's nothing to really hold onto when I pull the slide back. I worry that if I hand it to a woman or youngster that they could slip and aim it somewhere dangerous because of that stiff slide. After the initial cocking, it's okay.

    Shooting - I don't find any difference. Except that the Buckmark magazines are more expensive. Checking on Midway for non-sale prices, the Buckmark is about $27.50 and the Ruger Mark II is about $19. I like to have 5 magazines for each .22, and that's a big difference.

    Go to a gunstore and pick up both of them to see how they fit your hand, I think that'll be the most important difference. If you were worried about tiny differences in shot patterns, you would be looking at guns that cost 5 or 6 times as much. These are all good guns and I paid about the same for each of them.
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    Lizard didn't mention that the buckmark COMES with the L-shaped tool needed for disassembly.

    I will agree though about it being better for smaller hands.
  14. Lizard
    I got rid of my Mk11 many years ago but I don't recall needing any tools to strip it for cleaning??? Have I missed something?
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    I just sold my Mark III Hunter and bought a Browning Buckmark. Don't regret the decision at all. The Buckmark and Ruger are both about equal on accuracy and price. But, the Buckmark is way more user friendly! It is a breeze to clean - you seldom even have to detail strip the Buckmark - it is open on both sides - easy to clean as is. When you do detail cleaning, you simply remove two hex bolts and everything is right there! To me the Buckmark is the better pistol - no question.
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    i like the buckmark, and if you get the better models, they have wings on the bolt for something to grab, and larger grips. i personally would not buy the camper model as it has the plastic rear sight housing that commonly breaks. here's the 5.5 target compared to my superblackhawk hunter, this one fits larger hands well.
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    When they were new, I had to use a brass hammer and some sort of drift to remove the bolt stop pin and the barrel receiver assembly. I also sometimes use a pick or small needle nose to put things back where they're supposed to be while reassembling them.
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    I have a mark II , with a little practice. it goes up & down easy. Any tool needed is a small scew driver or spent case to help pull the keep ot of the grip.
  19. My memories of it, though I never needed the cartridge case or any tool. I had mine from new, maybe it was just that bit looser.
  20. I like the Buckmark. I know I would rather work on one. It also was a pleasure to shoot. It was really ergonomic. I guess that comes with the label though. I'm not knocking Rugers. I just like the Buckmark better. So no need to get your panties in a