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My first one was a DPMS assembled by my friendly neighborhood gun works. Next I purchased an Eagle Arms, by Armalite, by far the best bargain. It was about $100 less than a regular Armalite and $150 less than my bushmaster. And last but not least I purchased a Bushmaster XM15E2S a M4 copy, just so the other two would think they have a little brother. I love them all for seperate and distinct reasons. Each has a job to do and have been added to or changed to meet its intended function. First they have all been fitted with a compensator/muzzle break, Trigicon Reflex II on the Eagle Arms, combat sling for the DPMS and Eotech aimpoint type scope for the shorty Bushmaster.
All ARs are versatle enough to fit your intended uses, from punching paper to use when the SHTF.
I know joe will dispute this in favor of the AK but I assure you it also has a myriad amount of variations and configurations as I also have three of them in various models.
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