Ten Tips On How To Live In The New World Order

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    By No. 405-33-1231

    1. WATCH LOTS OF TELEVISION. Television pleasantly sublimates the primitive human defense mechanism that can get you in trouble.

    2 AVOID TALKING ABOUT RELIGION OR POLITICS. No matter how innocuous your speech may be, it could be misinterpreted and recorded in your Government Personal Thought Dossier.

    3. IDENTIFY YOURSELF BY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Use of one's Christian or Family name may be perceived as prideful individualism.......a Class B. Felony.

    4. PUBLICLY DISOWN FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS WHO HAVE BEEN COERCIVELY ENROLLED IN RE-EDUCATION CENTERS. NWO Rules of Justice provide for expeditious prosecution and conviction of Guilt by Association.

    5. VOTE CORRECTLY. The new FAX, PHONE, and MAIL BALLOTING SYSTEM is carefully monitored by Elections Security Police (ESP) to identify potential dissidents and enemies of the World. Avoid voting for mavericks----most of whom are sponsored and financed by the World Government Opportunities Agency (WGOA) to bring malcontents out into the open. To assure minimal risk when voting, cast your ballot for incumbents having an A-1 rating by the ADL.

    6. ATTEND ALL POLITICALLY-CORRECT RALLIES AND PATRIOTIC FUNCTIONS IN YOUR AREA. To obtain additional merit points, carry a sign which derides viewpoints held by Constitutionalists, Patriot Groups, Fundamentalist Christians and other bigots.

    7. MEMORIZE THE OPINIONS OF THE NWO LEADERS AND TELEVISION ANCHOR PERSONS. Reiterate them as if they were your own during all social and business conversations.

    8. ATHEISM IS THE SAFEST POLICY. But affiliations with State-Approved religious organizations are permitted, and may be rich fields for business contacts.

    9. BE AMONG THE FIRST IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TO TURN IN YOUR SPORTING RIFLES when the UNIVERSAL PLOWSHARES ACT goes into effect. You will be well-fed under the terms of THE SOCIAL PAN-AGRICULTURE AND WILDLIFE PROTECTION PROGRAM, hunting will be unnecessary, and possession of firearms of any description after the effective date of UPA will constitute the capitol offense of Aggravated Intent to Commit Homicide.

    10. WILLINGLY AND HAPPILY SURRENDER YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS, participate enthusiastically in the new OBE school program and realize the honor associated with being a breeder and care taker of the first generation to SERVE THE MASTERS in THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

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    Now I know more about NWO. Was wondering what that acronymn stood for.

    Very funny post.:D