Tennessee preacher protests DC arrest

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    For the rest of his life Pastor William Duncan of Caldwell Springs Baptist Church will remember the Fourth of July as the day he lost his freedom. â??I learned our freedoms can be taken away in a heartbeat,â?? the 64-year-old Duncan said of the ordeal he encountered in Washington, D.C., when he was arrested in front of his shocked family and forced to spend last monthâ??s Fourth of July weekend in the cityâ??s jails.

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    I hope every church member sends a letter of protest to the Police Chief in DC protesting the way that the officer in charge handled the case.If the Feds and Swat Team was satisfied that the preacher was no threat, then he should not have been charged. Maybe enough letters of protest could get this obviously over zealous officer fired.

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    His civil rights were violated, where's the ACLU WHEN YOU NEED THEM?
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    The route cause here is of course DC.

    However, knowing he was going to DC, this guy brought all these problems on himself.
    First, how did he not know his permit was not going to be honored in DC?
    Second, why in the world would he want to go back to DC, especially if he had already been there. Fool me once...
    Third, you have to be completely ignorant to truthfully answer a question like that from a security guard. The correct answer is always "No."

    I have no sympathy for anyone who decides to visit DC and then shoots his mouth off about carrying a concealed weapon.
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    Amen, brother!
  6. A swat team is sent over two firearms!!! Hello, you morons....

    This is a classic example how bad things have gotten in WDC....