Terroist Cell Arrested!

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    Americans in support of terrorists make me sick!!!!

    If anyone was ever worhty of being treated horribly while in custody, it is this lot!

    “WE NEUTRALIZED a suspected terrorist cell within our borders,†Attorney General John Ashcroft said.
    Ashcroft, announcing the arrests and the indictments at a Washington news conference, called it a “defining day†in the fight against terrorism.
    He noted the sentencing later Friday of John Walker Lindh and the guilty plea in Boston from shoe-bomb defendant Richard Reid.
    Five of the six charged are U.S. citizens. According to prosecutors, some of them took weapons training and then tried to travel to Afghanistan to join up with al-Qaida and the Taliban but could not get into the country.
    Ashcroft said one of those arrested, Jeffrey Leon Battle, joined the U.S. Army Reserve to obtain training in U.S. tactics and weapons. Ashcroft said Battle, who was discharged in January while in Bangladesh, intended to use that experience against American soldiers in Afghanistan.
    Court papers identified the six as Battle, Patrice Lumumba Ford, Ahmed Ibrahim Bilal, his brother Muhammad Ibrahim Bilal, Habis Abdullah al Saoub and October Martinique Lewis, Battle’s ex-wife.


    Battle, Ford, Ahmed Bilal, Muhammad Bilal and Abdullah al Saoub set out for Afghanistan in October 2001 and tried to enter the country by way of China but failed, federal authorities said.
    Lewis stayed behind and wired money to Battle eight times “with the knowledge the money would be used to support his attempt to reach Afghanistan†to help al-Qaida and Taliban forces, according to the attorney general.
    Ahmed Bilal and al Saoub were being sought outside the United States.
    Battle, Ford and Lewis were arrested in Portland, and Muhammad Bilal was taken into custody in Michigan. He had been living with a sister in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn for about a month but had previously lived in Oregon.
    Muhammad Bilal was held without bail after a court appearance in Detroit. Prosecutor Barbara McQuade said that Bilal had recently traveled to Hong Kong, China and Indonesia.


    The charges against the six included conspiracy to levy war against the United States, conspiracy to provide material support and resources to al-Qaida, conspiracy to contribute services to al-Qaida and the Taliban and possessing firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence.
    If convicted, the defendants could face up to life in prison, Ashcroft said.
    Ford, who twice worked as an intern for Portland Mayor Vera Katz, as well as for former Portland Mayor Bud Clark, pleaded not guilty to all charges during an arraignment in federal court in Portland. Trial was set for Dec. 3. Arraignments for two others were postponed until Monday.
    “It’s all a mistake, it’s got to be,†said Ford’s father, Kent Ford.
    The vigilance of an unnamed sheriff’s deputy in Skamania County in Washington State helped authorities “connect the dots†between the Pacific Northwest and Afghanistan, triggering the arrests of the four suspects and the indictments of the two still at large.
    “All of our citizens, from urban to rural, we need to be vigilant, and this is a prime example of that,†Skamania County Sheriff Charles Bryan told reporters in nearby Portland.
    Bryan’s deputy made no arrests when he checked out several people practicing firing guns in late September 2001 at a gravel pit in Washougal, Wash., because it was not illegal.
    But the foreign accent and clothing of one man, a Lebanese citizen named Ali Khaled Steitiye, stuck in the deputy’s mind.
    When Steitiye was later arrested with a huge weapons stash and fake identity documents, the deputy spoke up.
    As prosecutors pressed their case against Steitiye, allegedly trained at Hamas guerrilla camps in Lebanon and sentenced to 2½ years in prison last month, authorities kept close tabs on his suspected co-conspirators.
    The indictment said that Battle, Ahmed Bilal and al Saoub engaged in weapons training at the Washougal gravel pit starting in late September 2001 to prepare to fight with Taliban forces.
    Members of Portland’s Muslim community were angered by the arrests.
    “It seems like part of the witch hunt from the FBI,†said Alaa Abunijem, president of the Islamic Center. “The Muslim community in general is being targeted. People in general feel targeted.â€
    The Portland arrests occurred at an apartment complex a block from the Rizwan Mosque.
    Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye, a prayer leader at another Muslim site not far away, the Islamic Center of Portland, was arrested Sept. 9 and charged with Social Security fraud. The FBI initially said traces of explosives residue were found on his luggage after his arrest at the Portland airport, but further FBI tests ruled out the residue.
    Kariye remains in jail, with a trial date set for Nov. 5.

    Authorities previously have arrested another Pacific Northwest resident for alleged ties to al-Qaida.
    James Ujaama, a Muslim activist from Seattle, was arrested in July and has remained in custody as a “material witness†in the terror investigation.
    Federal official have said investigators believe Ujaama may have supplied terrorists in Afghanistan with computer equipment and attended a terror training camp while he was there. They also say he may have been part of an effort to set up a terrorist training camp in eastern Oregon.
    Ujaama is being detained under the name “Ahmed Bilal,†which federal officials have said was an alias he sometimes used. It was not immediately clear if authorities believe he was connected to the indictments in Oregon.
    Family members have told reporters that Ujaama never used the name under which he is jailed.

    MSNBC.com’s Mike Brunker and Mark Stevenson, NBC News’ Pete Williams and Jim Popkin, The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.


    And if this were not bad enough, re read this line in the article!
    {Members of Portland’s Muslim community were angered by the arrests.
    “It seems like part of the witch hunt from the FBI,†said Alaa Abunijem, president of the Islamic Center. “The Muslim community in general is being targeted. People in general feel targeted.â€}

    KISS MY AS*! These people were terrorists and criminal of the worst sort! Alaa Abunijem, by supporting them you too area terrorist sympathizer! You piece of garbage!

    ........Rant off..............
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