"Terror Related" attack on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi by Syrian immigrant

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    A Syrian refugee we let in carried out an attack on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi.

    Adam Alsahli of Syria attempted to ram and shoot his way into the naval base. He shot one of the base security force personnel. The naval security forces officer was shot in her body armor and managed to hit the button which raises the anti vehicle barriers past her post. The terrorist doucebag's vehicle crashed and he was engaged by several other naval security officers and killed.

    His social media posts linked him to several Islamic extremist sites and material with him supporting both ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    The FBI is investigating the attack and is already preliminarily calling it "terror related" until they have completed they have completed their investigation and are not ruling out calling it a full terror attack once that is done.

    Despite all the Jihadi support the little terrorist wanna be turd's dad is trying to blame his son's actions on being bullied. :rolleyes:

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    Chicks like that are the reason I'm still on the fence about women in active combat. Anyone who takes a bullet to the chest - even wearing armor - and is still able to think and act quickly to end an attack is a bada**.
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    From what I've read, by today's standards, all you have to do to be accused of "bullying" someone is to disagree with them.
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    Sounds kinda like some one else,a famous politician,disagree with them and ooooooh! :usa2:;):rolleyes::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    I diagree with that.
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    well they finally admitted that the Pensacola Naval Base shooting was a terroist attack and now this attack. what next from the religion of peace?
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    Good on the guard! I'm glad she was not seriously hurt and got the barrier up. Well trained.
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