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  3. Giggity Giggity Awl Right, Irish, my friend, now that's not a test, that's a dream. lol Actually, I have a word for in front of dream, but didn't want to over step my bounds. lmao Oh, and I hope I haven't already? lol
  4. was just a test mate,ive got another for you,just for you glocky

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  5. My kind of test. lmao

    Just wasn't sure if it was someone close to you or someone you knew. LOL Ya' just neva know. But that's why I said didn't want to over step my bounds. lol Now I see you're just "testing" lol...
  6. could also say im am just teasing hahahahahhaahha
  7. squirrelblaster

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    ichewawa! holycow man. glock said it.........Giggity Giggity!

    lennys got nothing on that!
  8. neophyte

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    Well NOw

    Irish Murphy, Sir, I thought the "Asphalt Cowboys" pooch was cute;:)
    Now the 'chickee' shooting in the shop; I thought yummy,:) UNTIL the shooter at the target range:) pulled her bow
    Might just have to come for a visit:)
    Thanks for the 'tease'
  9. mosquitofish

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    I would be proud to have he as an exwife.