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  1. About where in Texas are ya'll located? I live about 22 miles or so south of San Antonio near Poteet. In the past 10 years they've paved the road, kinda, 2 miles closer to my place.
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    Fort Worth--not too far from DFW.

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    Galveston--not too far from Hell.
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    Abilene, home of the "prettiest girls I've ever seen" according to the song.
  5. Oh Come on, it's not too bad; I was there last year during bike week and it wasn't too bad.
    Sheet no I wasn't it was 2006.......Senior moment..........doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself!
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    That's because you were a tourist. Those of us that live here can't stand the constant rumble outside from Thursday night to Sunday night. Or the barricades on the streets we normally drive down. Or the ripping of motorcycles down residential areas. We can't stand the tourists either, driving slowly on the Seawall and impeding our trek to work and daily errands. I know they bring money to the city, but they should realize the residents of this city actually have to work.
  8. I was both a worker & a tourist. I was working in the Gulf Copper yard on pelican island.

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    About an hour or so from Dallas.
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    Grew up in Corpus Christi. Lived 17 years in Austin, 2 years in the hellhole known as Lubbock. 2 in Abilene and 3 in San Angelo.

    Don't miss the heat at all.
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    where in Texas

    Luling, just south of Austin, east of San Antonio in occupied territory. we are known for oil, BBQ (City Mkt) and the Watermelon Thump. I am chairman of the Beer Garden so if any of yall are in downtown Luling June 26th-29th stop by the Beer Garden and I will buy you a beer or 2 or 3.
    www.watermelonthump.com on the 29th we got good old time rock and roll classics with Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88s and for you Central Texas old timers like me, the Original Moods Sunday afternoon 1-9pm.
    sorry for the plug!!:)
  13. I'm 1107.30 miles from Austin, texas :silly:
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    I've been there and enjoyed it. sam.
  15. I am about 150 miles closer than you are.:)
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    Collin County...transplanted last summer from OK. Still a Hoosier at heart.
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    Went to school, at Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo. Honestly can't remember much about it, but the wind, and blowing snow. I was amazed at all the white stuff, in the middle of nowhere! The young ladies from the college were real friendly, though. They enjoyed going to the EM club, for free music, and cheap drinks.

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    Hey Felix...I'm sure you know my (great) uncle..Weldon Oliver. He's was on the City Counsel in Luling. You can always tell when you're getting close to Luling, by the smell of money in the air.

    I'm from Seguin, about 30 mile east of San Antonio. I also lived in San Angelo and Killeen for a few years (thanks to the Army)
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    I live in Whiskey Falls up here in Baja Oklahoma, 13 miles south of the Red... 150 miles from anywhere, and six inches from Hell...

    Wichita Falls is where all the oilfield action really took place - but nobody knew where it was, so they called the series "Dallas." We already knew who shot J.R. -- anybody from up here! Wouldn't no snake like that last 10 minutes around the real oil patch...

    Glad to see you got here in the summer, Scotty! You ought to see the winters around here!

    Hell, the way Dallas traffic is, that could be 3 miles out of town!

    (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hysterical laughter! I posted this, then stepped out the door for a smoke. The skies are really dark and the base's contractor just finished putting down fertilizer pellets everywhere. My first reaction was that I'd missed the e-mail with the ice warning and the building manager had laid down fertilizer to keep us from slipping! That's how unpredictable our weather is here! We had 100 degrees in January, which blew hell out of the local TV station's "First Hundred Degree Day" annual contest! And one woman won it by submitting January 1st!)
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