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    Couldn't resist posting this joke. No personal offense intended to you'all texans on this forum.(ha)

    The flight was coming into Dallas when a combination of mechanical errors and unstable
    weather caused the plane to start plummeting to the ground! The pilot feverishly worked
    his controls, and finally, the engines roared back to life in time to prevent the plane from
    going splat on the ground!

    As the plane landed, airport officials rushed to the disembarking gate and were stunned
    to see 200 midgets shakily get off the plane. Finally the crew got off the plane and the
    local manager of the airline came up to congratulate him on his perseverance under extreme

    As the official and the pilot were talking, the official commented how unusual it was that
    there were so many midgets on the flight.

    "Those weren't midgets," the pilot replied. Those were Texans with all the **** scared out
    of them.
  2. Ok Oxford I will over look this bad joke. If they were Texans they would have all been armed.

  3. Oxford

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    Ok so all those Texans would pull out their guns and then do what to make the mechanical conditions better and the bad weather go away? (ha)
  4. Shoot the onboard computer and parachute out. Don't forget the umbrellas.
  5. Oxford

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    That's a Texan talking. (ha) Remember...you've got to walk the talk.
    Oxford:D :nod:
  6. oneastrix

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    Texans? Heck we'd have started drinking!
  7. Oxford

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    Got just one more question oneastrix.

    How much could a Texan drink from the time the plane took an emergency nose dive till it settled down to a smooth landing? Remember...there's only small bottles on planes.

    Actually, I've got another question.

    What happens to the poor Texan caught in the crapper when the plane takes a nose dive?

    Just a wonderin...

    :D :nod:
  8. oneastrix

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    A 25,000 foot plummet at terminal velocity...... Ox, reckon that'd be about a twelve pack, but the foam would probably get to ya! LOL!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....now that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Oh Ox I forgot to answer the question about the poor Tx'n making the head call when the plane ges down. Let's see, a plane full of TXn's, we eat nothing but Mexican food and beer, swallow at least a can of Copenhagen a day.........I feel for the poor cowboy. He's gonna get messy for sure!
  11. Oxford

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    Can I have a sip of your coffee? Man that coffee tasted different!

    That all sounds correct for the guy in the john but I was wondering about swallowing a can of copenhagen. Where do you spit on a plane?

    I used to work with a guy who chewed all the time. He regularly spit in our only trash can in our office. Consequently, I learned not to dive into the trash can to retrieve anything.

    He also kept a small can on his desk. Looked like coffee was it in but it wasn't. You can figure out what it was. (ha)
  12. oneastrix

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    Naw that chit ain't coffee! Been hooked for a while now. It's like heroine, swear to gosh....