Texas girl kidnapped, taken to Mexico.

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    Why would it? We get along so well with our neighbor to the south. :irked:

  2. Well,

    the media likes to be in good graces with the White House on certain issues and the idea of American citizens being violated along the border is something for which the White House cannot bring itself to either comment upon or act upon.

    A real President would put the hammer down on the border.

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    Never mind the president. Enough citizens would be enraged, they might ACTUALLY go vigilanty and start "hunting" the borders themselves. What I would like to see is a couple of THOUSAND, if not a couple of hundred, acutally getting ticked off enough to set up their own patrols. Good luck sending police, or soldiers, after them. That would send the rest of the nation into uproar.
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    According to the White House Propaganda Ministry, they have done more to secure the borders than any previous administration (the exact word used is "unprecedented") and the border is more secure now than it has ever been.
    Obviously then, this isn't on the news because it couldn't have happened. The government wouldn't lie to us, would they?
    Kinda like this story...
    According to the man's father, he didn't use firearms; according to the man's girlfriend, he didn't own one.
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    ive come to the conclusion that media is half the **** problem in this country between misinformation and just plain lies its ridiculous
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    Glenn Beck reported on the girl on his tv show today.One of the few places you'll hear about it I'm sure.
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    Glen is becomeing more and more interesting every day.
    BTW,if the administration did anything of real consecuence about the border problem it would be unprecidented!
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    Agreed 100%,don't want to stir the pot too much and put any pressure on that heap of corruption in Wasgington.(sarcasum.)
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