TEXAS may go liberal governor

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  1. New York Times Sept. 17

    Four seperate polls now put liberal democratic governor candidate White within six points of the unpopular republican governor Perry.

    Probably not so much a desire for the liberal democrat as it is a rejection of republican Perry.

    In the last election Perry only won because the votes were split between him, the democrat, the Green, and the Libertarian.
  2. grizcty

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    I will believe this when I see the vote count.
    Texans, cant be that dumb!
    Can they?

  3. Rave

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    It seems that is how one party or candidate replaces the former,the former is so roten that the voters do the best that they can by choosing the apparently least rotten from the barrel.it's like a line of dominos knocking the next one down and in the end they are all the same,rotten apples.:thinking:
  4. DWFan

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    Perry and his supporters have not yet woken up to the fact that if he loses to a "spend into debt and borrow to repay, tax raising, open border, lame 2nd Amendment" candidate like White, he can kiss any Presidential aspirations goodbye.
  5. .22guy

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    They will regret it, that's for sure!
  6. Hi DWFan

    There is nothing to which I agree more than the first few words of your post in which point out Perry and his supporters have not yet woken up . . .

    So true not just for Texas but also the Republican National Committee.
  7. Just saw on the news that Perry will not debate White until White discloses his tax returns. I think Perry has been saving his punches until the last rounds. Perry has a CHL, carries a .380 coyote special, and is solid on gun rights. On the other hand, White was a part of 'Mayors against Guns'. White is also involved with a company using Fracking to extract oil which severely pollutes ground water. Perry must expose him as a Obamanite.
  8. Hi Deersniper

    Yes, White is sutured at the hip to Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, et al.

    Perry is sutured at the hip to Bush2, the Republican National Committee,
    big business interests, et al.

    Herein lies the sense of hopelessness for Texas voters.

    Which one makes Texas voters less nauseated in the voting booth?

    I will vote Libertarian.
  9. toolman

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    The way I view this situation is, we have to vote for the person that we think will do the best job for us. Now, if EVERYONE thought independently this would not be a problem but as we all know, the majority of Americans still only vote within the constraints of the two party system making an independent vote pretty much a waste. That said, who has done the most for the state of Tx? I'fm pretty sure it's not Pelousy, non-White and co...
    FWIW, I'd love to see Fred Thompson or Ron Paul in the drivers' seat, but it'll never happen because we have way to many people wanting the gov't to wipe their butts every time they soil their pants over some conservative ideal, ie: "what do you mean abortion is murder?", "anyone who needs a gun is just paranoid", "The police will protect us if we just call them", "Big business is just out to step on the little man" (I've got to go cash my AT&T, Exxon-Mobile, BP, Halliburton, Wachovia, etc. check now...), "Our gov't isn't doing enough to take care of me, I'm on welfare, foodstamps, medicaid, and housing and I still can't afford my Escalade payments." Et al...
  10. The NRA and Texas State Rifle Association has endorsed Perry.