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165# field dressed hog from Granger Lake Wildlife Management Area. December 10-12 07. Hunt was a management hunt. 2 deer, antlerless/spike. Also Took two does and one more hog. Other hog went 90#s field dressed and the does went 80 and 65#s.
yeah sausage!
No pics of does. Cheap camera, didnt flash.
Teamed up with 3 locals and hunted push or drive style communicating on walkie-talkies. Monday evening we had 5

The bottom tusk of this bad boy were sharp. Most ones I'v e seen hare chipped and jaggad.

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Hunt Description and Divine Intervention

This 2007 season resulted in no draws or selections from TWPD. Dang! There maybe is a second chance to hunt. If the selected hunters do not prepay, cancel, a vacancy is left open. Non-selected hunters that show up the beginning day of hunt can sign in for a Standby Position. Depending on the number of standbys they might have a drawing for the available positions.
Sunday the 9th, Granger Wildlife Management Area returned my call. Had 2-4 standby positions for the Management hunt. That was good enough for me. Gathered my gear and headed out the next morning.
By 11:00am, a total of 6 standby hunters showed. They took all 6 of us. After orientation teamed up with 3 other standbys that were local boys and knew the area well. We would be doing a push hunt or drive hunt while communicating with walkie-talkies.
Wasn’t long before the walkie-talkie, goes off, "two deer heading your way!” Yep, two does busted out of the woods along the clearing. Wham! Wham! The other old guy fired twice with his .270 rifle. I fired a round and saw it jump differently. Yep, got it. (Lucky shot!) We did another push jumping more deer and several nice bucks. The Third push we pushed deer and hogs to a narrow point by the lake. As we squeezed in on them, deer were running right hogs running left. The woods erupted with rifle fire. What a hoot! All four of us got off several shots in several seconds. Too many trees to make contact but a lot of fun! Nothing flies; nothing dies, as they say.
Next, found deer running in open field at 500 or so yards. Shot 5 times. All misses. Get me a stationary target! From the prone position with a couple sighter shots, I’ll hit the bulls eye! Ahh, what a hoot! After that we found deer in another field about 1/4 mile out. The two guys drove around to do a vehicle push. Tony and I sat near creek by the old cemeterywith a good vantagepoint to overlook area. I Climbed small tree and got comfy in the limbs. While watching for deer, behind me Pigs! Swung the 30-06 Savage around. Picked the lead hog, wham! Chambered another round, picked a middle hog, wham! Thinking I’d dropped two of them had a look. Huh? 10 hogs still standing. Wham! Wham! Pigs are running straight away. Another shot. Nothing fell. Missing a deer at 500 yards, no problem but missing a big black pig at 100 yards, it has to be the rifle not the shooter. Removed bolt. Bore sighted at piece of white in field. Looked through scope. Does the word misalignment have any meaning? Being a good Boy Scout, being prepared, I have another rifle. A custom 1935 Turkish 98 Mauser built on a receiver from my New York buddy, Scott(met on GnG). An e-bay Madsen, (Danish) 30-06 light machinegun barrel and $5 gunshow stock with illuminated Barska 30mm 3-12 scope. Most accurate rifle for the least amount of inve$tment.
Driving out we jumped 2 does. Hop out of truck. Throw rifle to shoulder and droppped second deer bounding through the grass. Walked out in field and there is the doe. Tony walked farther to a stand of trees looking for other deer while I started dragging this big doe back to the truck. Dang! Didn’t think I parked so far away. Heard Tommy shoot. Called out to him to see if he needs help. No reply. Jumped in his brand new Dodge pickup truck, (nice truck), and drive out to look for him. Jesus, where is he? He’s way out in there kneeled over deer. No wonder he could not hear me. In the low light he was hard to see even with wearing a hunter orange vest. The end of first day, 4 hunters with 5 deer, 4 doe and one button buck.
That evening camped out at State Park. Murphy was my camp partner. Murphy or that matter, is always my camping partner. OK? Where’s the flashlight? Find the flashlight. Drop the flashlight. Need new flashlight. Find the Coleman lantern. Lighter one won’t light. Lighter two will not light! Find third lighter. Ah! This one, the mechanism is locked up! Being the boy scout I am, being prepared, found a forth lighter, got light now. Finished setting tent and sleeping gear. Now I’m looking forward to a nice hot meal of Mountain House de-hy food. Two cups boiling water and great meal for a great day. By now the wind is blowing so hard the water will not boil. Tried moving stove out of wind. Nope! Not working! *%*^+&^^%(&*(@#@!!!
Opted for gourmet Red Plum jelly and peanut butter sandwiches.
5:50am the alarm annoyingly buzzes and it’s still dark. I had such a wonderful nights sleep. Wind lapping at tent all night. Concrete is still hard even with two close-cell foam backpacking pads. I’m getting too old for this shiit, er, ah, stuff. After a couple catnaps and an aching lower back its time to get up. Late! It’s daylight now. Checked in at WMA headquarters. Oh? The guys checked me in? (Did not realize the checks were from yesterday, non of us checked out.) Made several calls on the walkie-talkie, no reply. Drove over to cemetery from the previous day. Watched trail and creek bottoms for a while. Then to my surprise a pig on the trail, an easy shot. Looks like it is rooting around at edge of trail. Brought rifle to shoulder aiming for center mass. Pulled trigger. “Click”, goes the rifle. Chambered another round.
Then the thought came over me, “stalk up on this animal, make a decent shot”.
“No I make take this shot.”
By this time, heart is pounding, pig is moving. Have to shoot. Wham! Missed!
Danm animal raises its head, “Muew-wah?”
It was a god-danged cow! Didn’t know the trail dropped off so fast. Was only seeing theback head. Now you know why the title of this story is “Divine Intervention”. Thanked Jesus. Thanked Him again and again. Also thanked the good souls of the cemetery. That could have been a-hell-of an expensive hunt and then not get to keep meat. Examined the dud round. Primer had a dimple in it. Re-chambered it. Pointed at ground. It fired!
Second rule of hunting. Be sure of your target!!!
Time to go. Had two deer to skin and quarter back at headquarters and it’s getting warmer. Deer are not in cooler. Before totally leaving, decided to make quick check where Tony and I shot deer the previous evening. Drove into field around stand of trees. No activity, but wait, 500 yards out, there is bunch of hogs in the field probably the same ones from yesterday. Hogs started running as I drove up. Stopped within sporting range. Hopped out of truck. Determined to “nail” the lead hog, put scope crosshairs just behind head. Bah-wham! Classic shot! Seen dust and mist blow up upon impact knocking him off stride. He ran 30 or so feet more before tumbling end over end. Very Cool! Fired couple more shots at fleeing hogs, missing each time. Jumped back in truck. Drove over to hog, he’s down and out. The other pigs are running away! Put the old Dodge’s pedal to the medal! Reloaded two rounds while on the run. Caught up to them driving to their right side. This chase is going on at a speed of maybe 35 miles per hour. Oh lawdy, this is fun! Tried stopping to take a shot. The pigs just took off the other way. Hit the gas again, got ahead of them slamming parking break. hopped out chambering round and sighted on second to last pig, a smaller pig, Wham! Wee! (piggy squeel) Got it! What a hoot!
By this time the 3 other guys made it out and called me on the walkie-talkie. They helped field dress the hogs and get them back to check station. The big hog weighed in at165#s field dressed.
That afternoon the 3 other guys came to check station with 2 doe and 5 hogs. One hog weighed in 225#s field dressed. Now that is an awesome animal!
no pic of that one.
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