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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by toolman, May 20, 2008.

  1. toolman

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    I had a very humbling experience today at work.

    A lady and little girl came in today and just needed her registration sticker scraped off because she didn't have a scraper.

    I scraped off the sticker and put the new one on for her while making small talk-no big deal.

    When I was finished, she tried to give me a couple of bucks, which I refused, telling her to just have a nice day.

    An hour or so later, the little girl walks into the shop and hands me an envelope with a card in it. The envelope was marked "To a Very Nice Person" in the little girl's writing, and the card had a $1 bill in it with the suggestion to buy me something to drink because it's so hot. Also in the little girl's handwriting was this: "Thank you very much it was very kind of you& may God bless you". The mom had written:"from a customer that needed a little help".

    Needless to say, the old Toolman shed a tear or two for this simple act of gratitude. Since I've taken over management of this station, I've gotten many tips including one for $50 a couple of weeks ago, but this card really hit me hard.
  2. CalifgirlinOk

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    How sweet of them to do that for you.There's a few good people still left in this world.Thanks for sharing this with us and it touched my heart also..!!!

  3. Nanders

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    I really enjoy these stories! Its fun to talk about them, but even more gratifying to be involved in them.
  4. squirrelblaster

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    thanks for sharing this exeince with us! this made my night a little brighter!
  5. TexasT

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    Awwww. How tweet.
  6. Windwalker

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    Thanks for sharing. We hear so much bad stuff that it is really nice to hear something good. You are doing a good job Toolman.
  7. Very touching and glad you posted T-man. It's becoming more and more rare to have people do such things these days and when they do, it not only warms the heart of the recipient, but of those who have a heart and that you've taken the time to share it with.

    I think it also needs pointing out that you did do a good deed as well. Most people/places would have said, we don't do that here or I'll have to charge you. Or they'd of asked for money or expect it. It's a rare thing anymore these days, a person doing something for someone just to do it. Your a good man T-man.

    Thank you for sharing this rarity T-man...
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  8. TexasT

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    You may not be a bad person after all Cap'n. You did kill that childhood though....but I still <3 you.
  9. toolman

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    Hey, I offered to send you the bird! :D
  10. damage855

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    Goes to show people apreciate a honest man...
  11. Troy

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    it's the little things like that that will make you more inclined to be decent to the next person. look at how a little simple gratitude can set the tone of your day.
  12. .22guy

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    There's entirely too little of this behavior in the world today.
  13. Mooseman684

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    It makes ya warm and fuzzy inside just to get a bit of a Thank You for helping someone out these days !!!
    Good Job !
  14. SwedeSteve

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    If EVERYONE would just TAKE THE TIME and do something nice...
    You're my hero Toolman!
  15. Good post. My mom is part of a thing called a secret pal. She and her friends get together and pick a church member at random and do something nice for them. I like the idea of doing something for someone just to brighten their day.
  16. That was a nice thing you did. Glad we still have some good people around. And that was nice of her.
  17. Grumpus

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    Nice, isn't it? People recognize niceness and honesty still...

    When my garage door spring broke (there went my Mosin money!), when this old gent and his helper came out to fix it, my wife went ahead and paid them cash before they started with a $20 tip, and gave them each a can of soda. When they left, I had not only a new garage door spring, they'd repaired a weak section at the top of my door with a section of angle iron, lubed all the chains and rollers and adjusted the upward and downward force settings on the door. For cheaper than what I paid just for the spring with a different company the last time it happened... They've got my business from now on...
  18. snuffysmith

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    What you should do is take that card and put it in a place that you can see it easily when you're at work. Use it to give yourself a boost when things go wrong or people show their ***s (which they will do from time to time) it will remind you that there are good and sweet people out there after all. Reminds me of that movie I saw on TV once, the title was "Pay it forward" and it had me choked up, I'll admit.
    Good on ya,