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Thanks to the friendly people on G&G

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 455rocket, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. You all are terrible !....................
  2. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist


  3. And they're so good at it. :D
  4. Cyrano

    Cyrano Resident Curmudgeon Forum Contributor

    New York
    I can't speak for the rest of the Band of Fellers (after you've been here awhile, you'll learn what we mean by that), but I've always envisioned G&G as being a country store where a genial but firm owner named Chris stocks really neat stuff, there is a perpetually full coffee pot with a rack on the wall for your mugs, and a big ol' potbellied woodstove with a circle of battered but comfy chairs around it that people come and sit in and talk. Sometimes the talk gets heated and people take it outside where they can yell at each other, but mostly it's people just talking.

    Good sense of community I find absent from most online sites here at G&G.
  5. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Maybe they said pie rat. :rolleyes:
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  6. Mindy up North

    Mindy up North G&G Evangelist

    Big welcome from the wilds of Alaska! G&G, the place where straight jackets are needed but rarely used! No other place will you find such a fine group of well as the occasional cantankerous old man, land locked pirate... and even a coffee drinking grizzly bear!
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  7. Don't forget the racing crazy lady in the corner sewing up 1770s British Uniforms and digging up people's ancestors! :)
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  8. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Glad you are enjoying the G&G gang ... Day in and day out with few exceptions it is a pretty good crowd. We do have some resident "pot stirrers" and that is a good thing in my estimation since none of us are ever always right. We need the occasional challenge to our opinion, mindset, belief system, etc. Sometimes that challenge causes us to change, other times it fortifies and reinforces a long held opinion or belief when the challenge causes us to go back through the steps that brought us there to begin with.
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Yep, a real 3 ring circus:D

    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Ya know, with all this talk about that pirate dude. The new guy is gonna have a really bad impression of the ol pirate:D
  11. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Or possibly a good respect. Ahrr!

    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Hey 455Rocket. No matter how much these fellers talk about a pink ball cap. Don't believe it. ChaZam HAS verified that it was orange at one time:D

    These fellers want to keep kickin that pink ball cap thing:D

    So when ever they bring up DO NOT believe em:D
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  13. Pirate you are NOT our mascot. You are the Official Pirate of the forum. You said so yourself. Even IF you do have a pink hat.
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  14. 455rocket

    455rocket G&G Evangelist

    Na, I have a soft spot for Pirates (that was my high school mascot 30+ years ago) Argh....Although from what I hear, it was a pink baseball cap - just sayin
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  15. 99dragon99

    99dragon99 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    It was not pink. The official color is TNPirate Orange. Which may look like pink to some people who don't happen to have TN or Pirate in their name.

    Welcome aboard!
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    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Ya gotta soft spot for pirates, but you're just sayin. Makin me wonder bout ya:D
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  17. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    so .... like ford red is dodge small block orange.?
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  18. I think Grizcty answered that very nicely
    Only he left out...Handsome,Debonaire,and Suave.:rolleyes:
  19. I will forgive the Wee Laddie, he hasn't seen a photo o' me.
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  20. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    It was actually a sort of Pinkish shade of orange... Way PINK... Mucho pink.;):p:cool::D