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    As I posted before, we are now an LLC. We are Okie Brass. We will always be here to serve our G&G family. We are pretty much sold out on everything, but are rebuilding our stock. We are selling faster than we can replenish, due to demand. I’m looking at options to supply those here and others. I need to move my brass, but yet be available for my brothers and sisters here. I need some input. Without input, I have no other option than to look out after my own interests. I’ve tried to serve my family here, but I also have an obligation to take care of my own interests.
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  2. Bob, best always treated me right...Thank You.
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    We still love you brother.
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    Miss Wanda and I are trying our level best to supply our base with what we can find. Trust me folks, if you only knew how hard it is to find and cull through brass, sometimes in the dark, you’d be asking me ,”Why”?!?!?! Well the answer is that I’m a Second Amendment proponent and I want every American to enjoy the shooting sport and hunting as I did in my youth. I talk a lot with my peeps on the ranges. Components such as brass, bullets, and gunpowder are becoming a serious issue. I’ll do what I can, but I have no control over components in reloading. One only needs to the political element of what we have to face and deal with. I’ve started keeping 9mm for reloading! Meh, hopefully I’m just too fearful and this to shall come to pass. God Bless and Miss Wanda and I are still here to serve you as best as we can. Right now, we’re pretty much empty as far as brass goes. Got some nickel left, but that’s it’s
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    What we need to put back for you. What you’re looking for, or in need of.
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