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    Neophyte posted an interesting “battle of the cartridges” between the 6.5 Creedmoor vs. the 6.5×55 Swedish. I got to wondering, just how many 6.5 cartridges are there anyway? I was blown away by the list I was able to compile in like five minutes – more than 30, from the 19th century until very recently. My guess is there may be more out there that one or more of you are aware of, but here’s the quick list I made. Please fee free to add to it if have additions or corrections. Note that I put bullet diameters in parentheses after each cartridge (in millimeters).
    · 6.5 Creedmoor (6.72mm)
    · 6.5 Grendel (6.71mm)
    · 6.5 PRC, aka 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (6.716mm)
    · 6.5 Remington Magnum (6.7mm)
    · 6.5-284 Norma (6.7mm)
    · 6.5X06 A-Square (6.7mm)
    · 6.5X47mm Lapua (6.71mm)
    · 6.5X50mmSR Arisaka (6.705mm)
    · 6.5X53mmR (6.65mm)
    · 6.5X54 Mannlicher Schoenauer, aka 6.5X54 Mannlicher Schoenauer Greek (6.7mm)
    · 6.5X55 Swedish (6.71mm)
    · 6.5X57 Mauser (6.7mm)
    · 6.5X58 Vergueiro (6.65mm)
    · 6.5X68mm, aka 6.5X68mm Schüler (6.7mm)
    · 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum (6.7mm)
    · .25 Remington, aka 25 Remington Auto-Loader (6.54mm)
    · .25 Winchester Super Short Magnum (6.5mm)
    · .25-20 Winchester (6.6mm)
    · .25-21 Stevens (6.5mm)
    · .25-25 Stevens (6.5mm)
    · .25-35 Winchester (6.6mm)
    · .25-45 Sharps (6.5mm)
    · .26 Nosler (6.72mm)
    · .250-3000 Savage, aka 250 Savage (6.5mm)
    · .255 Jeffery Rook (6.5mm)
    · .257 Weatherby Magnum (6.5mm)
    · .260 Remington Magnum, aka 6.5-08 A-Square (6.7mm)
    · .264 Winchester Magnum (6.7mm)
    · .303/25, aka .25/303 (6.5mm)
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  2. 6.5X52 Carcano. .268 diameter
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    Well... maybe we're on to something...
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  4. 6.5 TCU or 6.5X45. .264 diameter
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    Kellen: Sir; interesting :). I had no idea
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    Back when I was working as an RSO I happened on a guy on the firing line with his brand new, just bought it at Cabela's yesterday AR15. It was a flat top rifle, picatinney rail from the receiver to the gas block. Not a sight one on the gun. No front, no rear sights. He thought you could just sight down the groove in the rail. After I showed him several rifles with iron sights, he agreed to put the AR away and shoot his bolt gun. I made sure he had sights on it.

    I stopped by his shooting point to see how he;s doing and he's pounding on the bolt handle trying to get a round to chamber. I stopped him and asked what caliber his rifle was. He replied 6.5. I said 6.5 what? He gave me a bewildered look. I checked his rifle and it was 6.5 Creedmore. I checked his ammo and it was 6.5 Swede. I had to explain to him that not all 6.5 is created equal.

    What really bothers me is that he bought those guns completely uninformed, except for some youtube videos maybe, and some supposed gun guy at Cabela's let him buy that stuff. If I had been the salesman waiting on him, I would have asked what kind of sights he had for the AR, hoping to sell him some optics and when he bought the bolt gun I would have asked if he had plenty of ammo, "Let me show you where that is.", then suggest some for his gun.
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    I have been shooting at public ranges and have seen guys trying to stuff 7mm Rem Mag in a 7mm-08. I've seen guys successfully shooting 300 Win Mag from a 300 Wby Mag and after looking at the brass on the ground I knew in an instant what rifle he had. I've seen several times where 9mm was fired from a 40S&W.

    It never ceases to amaze me at how ignorant people are when it comes to firearms.
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    I've seen .40S&W that had obviously been fired in a .45ACP chamber.


    So Stupid!
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    Which explains (partly) the myth that the Carcano was innacurate. With both commercial loads and handloads with .264" projectiles, poor accuracy is guaranteed.
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  10. That and the Carcanos had gain twist rifling in them. People would shorten the barrels on the rifles and cut the fastest part of the twist off.
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    Hence why I said partly.
  12. Just a little extra info for those who may not know