The 10 most dangerous animals...

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  1. in the world...Top Ten Deadliest Animals - Associated Content

    They left out the MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL EVER!!! It so easy, the most dangerous animal in the world is the.......HUMAN!! Im not basing this strictly on deaths because mosquitos do kill more people, but you are most likely to be killed by one of your own species, and humans are one of the only species to kill strictly for pleasure.
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    That is an interesting observation. But most of the highly educated folks don't consider themselves to be animals, and set themselves above, as if we are different. I've thought about it from time to time, and haven't come up with an answer I can hold onto. I can't wait to see other comments on this thread!

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    The most dangerous animal in the world? A Marine with a rifle. Got that from Full Metal Jacket.
  4. Humans are the only species to cause mass extinctions of a variety of animals on a global scale. The only other thing that causes such destruction are natural disasters such as asteroids or massive volcanic eruptions.
    Now Im not highly educated, but i am intelligent with a 148 IQ, and i believe we are animals, we have the exact same instincts as other primitive animals such as the flight or fight response, some species resort to cannibalism and eating their own young in extreme situations, sometimes we eat each other in extreme situations, and sometimes we do it just for fun, so are we that far off from being animals? In fact it seems we are MORE animalistic than other species,
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  5. I too thought Humans should be in that list, because some are truly animals.
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    Well fellas, I'm seeing kinda what I expected. There are people in this world who are worse than any animal i'VE EVER SEEN. I've had some close calls with wildlife, and was able to stay still, and not have a confrontation. But the human encounters have occasionally been bloody. I'm moving from the middle to your side! Sitting the rail was uncomfortable!
  7. Can an animal rape another animal? I suppose a chimp could hold another down its thing...
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    Hoomans should be #1 on the list!
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    Actually no, you aren't. Humans are far more likely to die of insect-borne disease than murder. In fact, animals don't really kill members of their own species that often, by and large, even us. We may do it moreso than most species, but the numbers aren't that significant compared to our total population.

    The list is silly anyway. White sharks? They kill practically nobody and it's never on purpose.

    They also left off hippos. Hippos kill more people than elephants and other large mammals in Africa combined. Imagine a 3 ton animal with those tusks coming for you at 30mph. I once heard a naturalist describe them as "pure evil".

    They're also Nazis. I have proof:

    - Coeloptera
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  11. Or killer russian black squirrels?
  12. I just got buurrnneddd by cleo.......i bow before you mate. was either that list, or about a dozen others from a variety of different sites
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    I would say a rich and powerful white male is more dangerous than a marine with a rifle, but that is just me I guess.
  14. that list sucked

    hippos kill more people than any animal
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    What about the robot mole men? or rabid zombie chipmunks?
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    or the robot ninja monkeys!!
  17. you forget the most dangerous animal of them all

    the gun, everyone knows guns load themselves and seek out prey
  18. OK, WAIT JUST A MINUTE. The Mosquito IS NOT an ANIMAL!. It's an INSECT. lol
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    what about a homicidal maniac riding an enraged hippo surrounded by trained attack skeeters with a sock full of box jellyfish in each hand?
    what then ?

  20. I agree!