The 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Boise

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    Heya Guy's ;) I thought y'all would find this video of the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Boise informative and entertaining. I lived in the vista neighborhood for 12 years and the most dangerous violent crime I ever heard about was the occasional bar fight at Quinn's Lounge. One thing he forgot to mention about the Hillcrest neighborhood is on the Hillcrest Golf Course and it's full of those pesky criminal types driving golf carts. Also, I think the Boise FBI considers teenyboppers sneaking out at night jockey boxing cars and egging houses as violent crimes :p . The most consistent and popular complaint that I still hear about regardles of the neighborhood is from people moving here from out of state and then bitching and complaining that the planes coming and going from the Boise Airport and the Army Reserve Base right next door are too loud. To put that into perspective I live in the city of Meridian which is just west of Boise and basically a suburb a Boise now. Meridian Speedway is a little 1/4 mile oval race track and it's right in the middle of town and about 3 minutes from my house. It seems to me people like to move here from out of state and then pitch a fit that Meridian Speedway is too loud. Now to put that into context, if you go a little further west just across the county line You'll Find the city of Nampa and swiss Village Cheese Company where they used to make the best squeaky cheese curds on the planet. Technically it's called Sorento lactis now and they pump out a shitload herb cheese packaged under a crap load of different brand names. Unfortunately people from out-of-state like to move to East Nampa then throw a temper tantrum that the cheese factory is too loud so they need to do something to quiet it down. Now perhaps I'm just getting a little cynical, idk, but I don't think there's anything around here that loud worth complaining about and the problem is that some people just aren't happy unless they have something to bitch about regardless of what it is ( Google search, George Carlin stupid people) with that being said, enjoy :p

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    too rough for me.
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    Sorento lactis , been there . As a driver, pulling in through the gate with a delivery, they tell you go to bay number one through four. Ok pull in , round the corner to the right, there is four lines with doors in front of you . They told me bay four, so I get to the right and wait my turn . So after waiting hours in that line , someone figures out that I'm not in lane four , I am in lane one ! Yes , the doors have no numbers on them and in their infinite wisdom, they counted right to left . Bay four has been empty for hours . Yes I am bitchin . I was tempted to bring a spray paint can to number the doors for them
    to save someone else the aggravation over the lack of numbering doors counted right to left. Sheeesh.
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    Mentioning the race track.

    There used to be a popular dirt track just South of the People's Idiotic Republic of Fayetteville AR.
    Well some nice hoity toity homes got built near the country club.
    So to he **** Noise Gestapo of Fayetteville got activated and eventually forced the track to shut down :mad:
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    Yes, Lets get to the point. The California Invaders are lying Democrats who claim they are Republicans.
    These Rats are trying to change our Inter-Mtn lives. We have too many of these retired Costal Bums. :rolleyes:
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    So those folks are like some here in the KC area. Buy a house next to the RR crossing and then complain about the train horns.:rolleyes:
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    We have had these Costal Interlopers many times before. It seems 3 Wyoming winters is about all they can stand. Many of them are now moving to the Beautiful state of Tennessee..
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    Hard to say, I bet you could find trouble in any town you pick if you go looking for it.

    Im my town?
    Population someplace above 3200
    The Kotzebue crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Kotzebue as reported by the local law enforcement agency.
    Key Findings

    According to our research of Alaska and other state lists, there were 33 registered sex offenders living in zip code 99752 (Red Dog Mine, AK) as of October 27, 2020. The ratio of all residents to sex offenders in zip code 99752 is 104 to 1.

    Read more:

    The barged in fuel price stays pretty much locked in till next July.

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