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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SuckLead, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. SuckLead

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    I don't go to the movies often, I am usually only coaxed there by a movie that appears to be exceptionally good. Has to catch my interest somehow.

    Well, I went with my father this afternoon to see "The American." This is the first time in my life I almost demanded my money back. The only reason I didn't is because the theater is in bad financial trouble and I don't want to see it close down.

    What a boring movie. The scenery was beautiful, but that's about all it was. And watching George Clooney exercise or get his rocks off. The guns weren't even interesting, I've seen cooler ones at the local gun show.

    Someone actually started snoring in the theater. My father and I just kept looking at each other funny. And I was having trouble staying awake myself.

    So save your money. This was the worst movie I've seen in a long time, and in my top five of worst ever.
  2. Thanks for sharing, now I no not to bother with that one.

  3. .22guy

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    I don't think the theater gets money from ticket sales, it's mainly from concessions.

    I'll be sure to avoid this movie, thanks for the tip.
  4. RAdtekk

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    I saw the trailer (LOVE that Fandango app on my iPhone!) and knew better. Well, at least I thought I did, so I saw Salt, which WAS pretty cool, and Angelina Jolie IS kinda hot:) But now I DO know for sure, and trust Fandango a little more:D

    Oh yeah, there were a LOT of guns a bullies and explosions and car chases in Salt:D
  5. PAPA G

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    i have not been to the movies in a long time, i wait for peoples reviews take with a grain of salt, and go rent it.
  6. was it worse than the hurt locker? That one I didnt like, was boring and really didnt have much direction other than the fact the dude liked being in danger...wupdy doo loll.
  7. SuckLead

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    I never saw the hurt locker. But let me put it this way... the american was pretty much... imagine someone coming in and filming you at home doing normal crap and then releasing it as a major motion picture. It was like that. He spent a lot of time drinking coffee, talking to a priest about nothing, and walking the streets.
  8. Man, I'm disappointed. I thought it was gonna be some sort of secret spy gets his cover blown and has to shoot himself out of it while trying to figure out if the girl was the one that blew his cover or if he could trust her and.... blah blah you get the picture. So, not like that at all???
  9. petrol

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    I hit reply by accident, fat thumbs. But since I'm here I'll say thankyou. I hardly ever go to the cinema and won't bother with this, although I thoughr the trailer made it look good.
  10. Well I will put it this way about Hurt Locker, I dont know how it ever made the running for a nomination, the movie was boooooooring. And I bought it without seeing it first.......waste of my money.
  11. SwedeSteve

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    Try Netflix and save your money !!
  12. PAPA G

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    it seems to me that they take the very best few seconds of a bad movie to use in the trailers giving a false impression.
  13. Cyrano

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    New York
    Exactly right. The theater gets to keep little of the money from ticket sales. Something like 90% of that goes back to the studios in the form of movie rentals and profit-sharing deals with the stars who make the movies. Since the Supreme Court ruling that forced the studios to divest themselves of their theater chains, movie theaters have depended on concession sales to make the money that keeps the movie house open.

    Yesterday, my wife and her BFF (her sister, for practical purposes) wanted the two boys to see Despicable Me, which was playing at a second-run movie theater 45 minutes away. Second-run theaters don't charge a lot of money for tickets; $2 a head at this one. But a large bag of popcorn with 1 refill was $7.50, and a large blueberry squishie was $7! They wanted $4 for a giant-sized Kit Kat Bar, and heaven alone knows what for nachos. (One the bright side, they still use real butter on the popcorn.)

    To put it in perspective, you can get two bags of commercially popped popcorn at the supermarket for $3, and a squishie the same size at the 7-11 for $2.29, and the same size Kit Kat Bar for $2 at the supermarket. That's retail prices. As these people buy their snacks at wholesale prices, figure they are paying half of that. This in turn means at the very least they are making a profit of $6 on the popcorn; $5.90 on the squishies; and $3 on the candy bar! Given what it costs to make popcorn even with real butter, the profit on the popcorn is probably more like $7 and the squishie profit is $6.50.

    The profit margins are about the same at first-run theaters when it comes to the concession stand. Now you see why I wait for the DVD to come out for a lot of movies. I can home-pop a lot of popcorn and buy a whole lot of candy bars at Costco for what it costs for one movie ticket at a first run theater these days!
  14. BarryHalls

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    wow, unexpected, they really made it look like a good action flick with plenty of guns, sex, and intrigue.

    Oh, well.

    They really can make a movie look like ANYTHING in the previews. Just check out youtubes parody trailers. They make anything look like anything, very interesting, and it has become the standard fair for movies theses days. Screw the script, actors, and director, spend the budget on the TRAILER, that's what sells the movie!
  15. Chris

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    George Clooney has been in a lot of "odd" movies for him as of late...most of them haven't been that interesting.
  16. dhermesc

    dhermesc G&G Evangelist

    Actually I haven't seen a "good" George Clooney movie. I heard Oceans 11 was pretty good but having seen the original I didn't want to spoil it by watching the plastic version.

    I saw Leatherheads, WTF was that? I saw "Oh Brother where art Thou", another WTF was that? Intolerable Cruelty, well at least there was some truth in the title. Three Kings? With Iran being the savior of refugees?

    After those (mostly memorable for being bad or weird) I can't recall another Clooney movie, though I know he's been in several. I think his talent for acting peeked in "The Facts of Life".
  17. SuckLead

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    That is exactly what they did. The action you see in the trailer... that was it. There wasn't any more throughout the film, save for maybe in the first ten minutes of the film.