The Big 5 May 08

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  1. Just spent a month's holiday(vacation) in South Africa hunting with my camera so I've attached a few pictures to make yáll jealous.

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  2. LiveToShoot

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    Thanks for the pics...

    Those lions have it figured out, how to keep themselves in a safe place...

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    wunhunglo: Sir; continue just rubbing it in:) You take the HUNT of a lifetime!

    Sir; MORE pictures. Hallelujah:)

    Salt; Sir; Salt the wounds:09:
  4. samuel

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    Yes!Very jealous!How fortunate we are to have you to post great pictures and make us jealous.Thank you. sam.
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    Great pics! Thanks.
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    Thanks for sharing. I dream of visiting that country some day.
  7. WOW awesome! I liked the leopard photo, amazing that you were able to see these animals, they sure blend in with the brush! Thanks! No cape buffs?
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    Looks like a Target Rich Environment to me.:kinky:..Thanks for the photos !
  9. Yup, the Cape buffs were there but I couldn't get close enough to them for a decent photo; I only have a cheapo digi camera with 6x lens. I Also got a fair bit of video footage of the animals but don't have an editing suite with me here. Also quite a few piccy's on my wife's camera but she's gone home with that and I'll have to wait a few weeks before I can get my hands on it!
  10. Really nice picts , thanks for sharing them with us, Maybe we should start a new Thread of our local wildlife picts ?? I'm sure we can see some fun stuff in everybodys local..
  11. I guess that's as good of an excuse as any to stay away from the Black Death {:) still, you have some pretty impressive photos. What time is it there? 9:30PM? It's 1:30PM CST. check out our wild life here in Missouri. lol

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  12. So that's what Missouri kitty looks like? I'm in west Africa, just north of the line, at the moment, time is now 18:55.

    Attached another kitty picture for you...........

  13. Okay, you're 5 hours ahead of us, that's one big cat, what in the heck does he eat? [anything he wants...right?] You're just above the line, is that the Equator? How hot does it get there?
  14. Yes right on what the cat eats and the line. It gets fairly hot here in the midday sun, but I avoid it as much as possible; I tend only to go outside in the mornings & evenings when the temp drops below the 30's (Celsius, that is)
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    Thanks for sharing the pics. Glad you had a good vacation.