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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by rookie, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. rookie

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    hey everyone...i started asking you guys questions a while ago, telling you about the day i turn 21 to go by my handgun... well this friday its my b-day. i took off of work and i'm going to this range to shoot a hand gun for the first time and hopefully find a glock right for me. any last suggestions or info!!!!!!!

    thanks for all your help...i let you know how it goes..if you guys care!!haha
  2. Big Dog

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    Congrats, Rookie! Every man needs a good handgun. I can't fault the Glock, and I shoot 'em well. They're just ugly as sin. Still, when I get my CCW, I'll buy a Glock. The 1911 is just too big and heavy for all day carry.

  3. Calvin

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    Get one that works best for you. Congratulations on reaching 21, and have a great B-day.
  4. Eric

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    Congratulations rookie, I think it is awesome that you are going to utilize your rights at the first opportunity. You are definately going to be a benefit to society. Be safe and happy B-day!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Remember to look at the Ruger P-Series...especially the P95DC ! (In stainless of course)
  6. Klaus

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    Unless you can easily get high capacity magazine, I'd recommend getting a .40 or .45 caliber pistol over a 9mm. Good luck. Be safe.
  7. If you can afford it--by all means get a GLOCK. After all it is the ONLY pistol that shoots STRAIT.
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  8. wes

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    Happy B-day,have fun and be safe.
  9. Congrats on the birthday. As for last suggestions, yeah, I have one. Buy yourself a Glock 23 and don't look back! Besides, ugly is in the eye of the beholder... ;)
  10. Already Ducking, 'cuz of Glockguy!

    I would say Glock 23 or 27. The 23 is the overall better pistol. The 27 is smaller, but difficult to shoot well (IMHO). I still suggest the 27, because you might do well if you start with it...

    Maybe Glockguy23 will forgive me, since I DID say I favored the 23! Hahahahaha!

    Seriously though, old pal, you have always been curiously silent on the 27...

    P.S. It does my heart good to know that you value a pistol over getting blind drunk. Of course, you are 21 years 0 days only once. Have fun; play it cool.
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  11. NRAJOE

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    STRAIT? Like in Gibralter?
  12. Rookie,

    Since I am not a fan of Glock by any means I will, however, wish you well in whatever selection you make...and.....

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  13. Klaus

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    Happy B-Day!
  14. Armorer

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    Won't that be 21 AND 7 DAY?

    The Brady's would like you to wait awhile and think on things :-(

    Oh yeah, Why are you waiting to SHOOT? Someone can take you to shoot their handgun befroe you turn 21. Heck I was firing my Old man's 45s at 12!
  15. Re: Already Ducking, 'cuz of Glockguy!

    That would be because I prefer the 23 over the 27, for the reasons you've stated. I have NOoooo problem with the 27. Its a great little pistol. Just my 2nd choice... :)
  16. rookie

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    thanks all for caring....!
    so after waiting for ever at the dmv i got my license and state id and headed for the range. the people were really cool there. i told them my story and went from there. i started out shoting a double-action revoler .38 special. shot 50 rounds through it. dude told me not to jerk the trigger just squeeze it and it should surprise you when the it shots. well i defenitly have even more respect for guns, they are f!@king powerful. i though paintballs hurt, i can't imagine...
    next i shoot the g19 (9mm) 50 rds. that was alot easier to shot. i really like the compact size glock guns. its funny the guy told me that most people can't fit all 10 rds in the mag. their first time. i;m thinking ok, ok. man i got 10 in but it takes some freaking effort, my fingers were killing later. he also pointed out to hold the gun. not to have my left hand thumb overlap in the back, or i will lose it!!! good advice.
    after that i shot the g23 (.40 cal) 50 rds. that was a big difference from the 9mm. i think thats the one i want to buy. i decided on waiting b/c i want to go try a couple more glocks out. also i am worried if i get a handgun that i might not be able to use it if i become a cop, b/c all the departments have different standards.
    both the g19 and g23 were priced at $506.99 new. is that a good price? i have been saving up and can afford that, but it is still a big investment, and i want to make sure i like what i buy.
    no matter what i will always remeber that day. i spent about $90 that day(8.50 /per gun + 3 boxs of bullets around $11/each + big silloute targets .89/each + $3 eye and ear protection + $15 all day range fee) i think that is pretty good, how dos that compare to ranges yu guys use??? you spend the most on bullets!

    thanks again!!!
  17. oneastrix

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    Best advice I can give is keep your finger off the trigger 'till you're ready to squeeze one off!

    have fun. You won't go wrong with a Glock23.
  18. Cyclops

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    Congrats on the big 2 - 1! :ballons: Don't forget to post that range report on your new pistol!
  19. Hey Rookie, congratulations on the BD and on your common sense approach to buying a gun. As a recommendation, if you can shoot the G23 well, go for it! The G19 is also a great pistol, but the slight advantage is to the .40 "IF" you shoot it well. If not, there is no shame in carrying a G19. Carry the most powerful gun you can shoot accurately, quickly and consistantly. For me, its the G23 and G27 (for ankle work ;))

    $500 is about $20 high, in my area, but prices will vary from place to place. 'Course, as a cop, we pay $398 w/ 3 hi-caps. :)

    Let us know how you do...
  20. rookie

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    oh yea...
    as far as shooting i was more consistant than accurate. my grouping was good but when i shot the revolver and the g23 i had a hard time hitting middle of target. with those 2 guns i was always down and to the right(facing target). but the g19 i was right hitting the center no problem.
    i used 10 targets and on each one i wrote what i gun and bullet and how many i shoot, and at what feet. i shoot at 15', 25' , and 50' feet. there wasn't a big difference between 15' and 25' but at 50' i was not accurate and i missed the target too.

    i kept one bullet and one casing from each gun i shot.
    i'm sure it means more to look(refrence)the actual target but these are some #'s i put togeather for the targets.
    note: i don't expect to be a great shooter i plan on practicing, just letting you guys know what i did...

    19 rds. fired

    20 rds. fired

    20 rds. fired

    28 rds. fired