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    The wife and I watched a new Denzel Washington movie last night; THE BOOK OF ELI.

    It is a story of a man's sojourn through a post-apocalyptic, nuclear devastated wasteland. Sort of a Mad Max, I Am Legend scenario, without the virus plague aspect.

    Excellent movie.

    The point: There were numerous instances of bartering, and survival against rogue gangs portrayed, and it was very thought provoking from a "prep" perspective.

    No gold or silver was used in any of the situations. The number one commodity was..........


    Ammo and weapons, including bow and arrow, and swords and knives, were prominently displayed and utilized. Ordinary household items that we take for granted, every day, became extremely valuable to trade for water or other goods.

    I highly recommend all you "Survival minded" folks rent the DVD and watch it.

    If you have already seen it, Reply with your thoughts, without giving away the plot of the movie for those who have not seen it.
  2. I loved this of the best SHTF movies ever, besides Red Dawn LOL (nothing tops Red Dawn!).

    As for the ''Water Rules"...that has been true since the dawn of time....cities, town, and farms were built where water the American West, a rancher could control thousands of acres of land...simply because he and his family filed claim to the only water holes around.

    This is a good example of why having a well drilled and buying a manual pump to use post-SHTF is one of the best investments you will make.

    Rule of Three:
    you can live without-

    Air- 3 minutes
    Water- 3 days
    Food- 30 days

    so the only thing more valuable then water is being able to breathe LOL

    and Crops+Livestock=Food-WATER=Starvation

  3. I've seen this twice actually. Took my sons to see it in the theater and bought the DVD when it was released and watched it again. I agree with you Ten, it is a very thought provoking movie in many ways. pointing out the rule of 3 is very very good. Its something I tell people all of the time. I try to explain that you basically have three priorities for survival in an emergency: WATER, shelter, food, in that order.

    I also like to tell young soldiers especially not to drink their urine in an emergency thirst situation. My tag line is: You'll still die of dehydration... you'll just also smell like **** and thats embarassing.
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    You can drink the water from your urine though with a solar still...never tried it, but I works well from what I have read.
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    I posted a thread a few weeks back, HERE:

    What you guys are talking about, is exactly what I was getting at....
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    Also keep in mind though that the movie takes place in the desert... after a nuclear war.

    Depending on where you live and just how the end of the world goes down, fresh water may be plentiful.
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    I saw a show that was a British version of Mythbusters. In it, a man tested the toxicity level of his urine, and it was inedible. Then he put it through one of those spray containers (can't remember what its called lol) that holds round-up. The container actually filtered the urine and after several stages, it was drinkable.

    *edit* Oh, and I've seen that movie three times lol. Pretty good, amazing ending!
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    I saw it, and while I thought it was an OK flick, I thought it was a bit preachy. It also didn't delve into the survival aspect enough, for me. It was too busy dealing with the neandertals.
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    I just hope that after the nukes go off *SPOILER* and I go blind god will guide my hand and make me an unstoppable force!!!" *END SPOILER*

    The wife and I loved the movie btw.
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    "And a third of the waters became as wormwood, and a third of the fishes and a third of all that lived there of within the seas died" (I think that's it anyways).
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    Don't forget the other rule of three:

    Coffee- No one around you will survive 3 hours if you don't have any.

    Seriously though, A little too "Ninja" but a great movie otherwise.
    The Road was better I felt (but just by a little).

    I think a long term SHTF would be somewhere between "The Road" and "The Book of Eli", except there'll be less people and perhaps just a little more "game".

    Frightening prospect ay?
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  12. Martin Rage

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    Well he was guided by god so I guess he can get away with being ninja.

  13. Ya he was, if you watch carefully at the end of the movie he is actually blind. The whole time only reasen he was able to do what he did was because he was suppose to be being led by God, at the very end after he completed his task his eyes are glazed and sorta cross like a blind person. It appears to me any way that I think he was suppose to be blind the whole time. Thats another reasen why I think his bible was brail.

    I could be wrong but thats what it appeared to me.
  14. Martin Rage

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    Well yea, that's the whole kick. re-watch it and you will notice things like he bumps into things and sometimes won't look at the right point. He is blind as a bat and god protects him long enough to get the bible to the right people. Hence why in the town shoot out he doesn't shoot at anyone until they shoot at him first, gotta hear where they are? Also the fact that no one hits him there, even when they stop and take aim and he is just walking away.
  15. grizcty

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    Coffee is a MUST!

    My son saw this movie, and loved it.
    I guess I will get to see it, in a few years.
    When it comes out on AMC.
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    better get a handle on any natural springs you know about and keep it that way so you will always have water and therefore be rich.
  17. Ten Man

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    Since several have chosen to spoil the plot for those who have not seen the movie, I will respond to this Reply with a query. Shooting the bad guys by sound is all well and good, but how do you explain the scene at the beginning of the movie, where Eli is wearing a full bio-hazard suit and head gear, listening to his own breathing, and nails the cat with his bow and arrow? God was not only protecting him, he was guiding him. The bar room fight for example, as well.
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  19. i watched this movie and went out the same night and bought 4 cases of water and cleaned my guns
  20. Martin Rage

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    Oh i agree, god was guiding him.