The Brits want rights back

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DWFan, May 30, 2008.

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    I feel for them, but I bet the gungrabbers over there have it sewed up, so that'll never happen. Not to mention, all their guns were destroyed, and all their gunshops put out of business, along with more new laws to protect the criminals. I can't believe the way their pols think, if an intruder breaks in your front door, just leave by the back door, and let him have whatever he wants. Now what kind of nuts do they have in charge, over there?

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    Pathetic indeed. Beware Homeland Security.:wall:
  4. It is happening exactly the same way in the States; one little piece at a State at a time...........

    Remember very old chinese proverb..........."A journey of a Thousand Miles starts with one small Step".

    Well mine actually start with a taxi ride, but you know what I mean>

    WHL; A Brit who has been there, done that & surrendered his pistols & semi-auto rifles to the Government!!!
  5. Winning your rights is tough the first time. Giving them up and then winning'm back is tougher. I doubt that either can be achieved with out bloodshed.
  6. I feel bad for them. I wish that it won't happen here but you never know.