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    The Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism at San Francisco State University is out with its handy News Watch Diversity Style Guide. The guide is chock-a-block with helpful tips to keep journalists on the straight and narrow.

    Among them (from just the A's through the C's):

    Avoid the term "afflicted with" when referring to disabilities. "Not every person with a disability suffers, is victim of, or is stricken. Instead use: 'He has muscular dystrophy' or 'she acquired a spinal cord injury.'"

    Avoid also the terms "alien" when referring to an immigrant, and do not use the phrase "All American" to refer to high school and college athletes because it is a "Eurocentric expression used to conjure up images of blonde, blue-eyed people who represent traditional images of white Americans," the guide says.

    Also on the no-no list is "circle the wagons" (conjures up stereotypical images of savage American Indians). Confucius doesn't fare well either. To be avoided are the phrases "Confucian work ethic" (stereotypical term referring to the tendency of some Asians to work hard and keep quiet). And "Confucius say" (stereotypical saying poking fun at Asian Americans as speaking in proverbs and not having original thoughts or actions).
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    Thanks for the tips Dog,guess I'll have to change my writing style as I aquired a spinal cord injury.(ie. lost my spine)

  3. Some people are afflicted with brain damage and need to develop a Confucian work ethic. (work hard and keep quiet)