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    Around this time every year, some major university or other publishes a list "Things The Class of XXXX Has Always Known." I thought I'd take a swipe at what this year's college freshman class has "always known" before the official list comes out.

    There have always been two families running the United States - the Bushes and the Clintons. Who are these political Kennedy people from New England and why should I care?

    The standard sidearm of the United States Army has always been the 9mm Beretta. Browning M1911A1 .45s are for fuddy-duddies and South American banana republics - whatever that means.

    There have always been personal computers. And anyone who IS anyone has always had a laptop.

    There has always been SpellCheck, and it has always checked grammatical usage as well. And it's always come standard as part of every word processing program. Which, by the way, has always been MS Word.

    There has always been Internet access at home in the United States.

    Come to think of it, the World Wide Web has always been there.

    There have always been cellphones. It's just that when we were kids, there weren't so many of them.

    The country known as the Soviet Union (you know, where Russia is on the map) is something we study in history class.

    Berlin has never been a divided city. Germany has never been a divided nation.

    Japan has always been a source of excellent electronics, optics and anime.

    The United States has always hated Iran.

    The Red Sox and the Yankees have always been contenders in the American League. What's with this stuff about The Curse?

    VHS was how people recorded shows off the air before there was TiVo.

    And what's "off the air," anyhow? Cable and satellite dishes have always been around. Everyone has always had one or the other.

    There has never been a time when there weren't ATMs. Though I don't know why people bother; everyone's always had a credit card - or two - or three...

    Making change? Why do I need to know how to do that? Payment is either by credit card or debit card - although some old folks still write checks.

    Cars have always come with power steering, power brakes, power seats, power windows, air conditioning and a CD player as standard equipment. I don't know why they bother putting cassette players in the dash; tradition, I guess.

    While we're on the subject, CDs are how people used to get their music before they got it online. And how bizarre was it, that you had to buy a whole CD just to get the two numbers you like on it?

    NASCAR has always been a presence on TV.

    Pixar Animation has always been the king of the animation hill. Didn't they buy out the Disney animation studio a couple of years ago?

    There has always been "one girl, alone of all the world, who battles the vampires, demons and the creatures of darkness."

    William Shatner IS Denny Crane. Who is James T. Kirk?

    Vitamin X, aka E or Ecstacy, has always been available if you know who to ask.

    Everyone has always worn quartz watches. Wind-up watches are so... quaint.

    The hull number of the USS Enterprise has always been NX-01, and she's always been commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer with Commander T'Pol as his Executive Officer and Science Officer.

    Law & Order and The Simpsons have always been on television.

    NBC has always had the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games.

    Time Magazine and Newsweek have always been written for subliterate cretins. Not that anyone reads anymore, anyway.

    4-banger calculators have always been given away as promos or incorporated into cheesy watches.

    Supermarket cash registers have always had laser scanners.

    What the heck is a four-on-the-floor, and who on earth would drive one?

    Gasoline has always cost more than a dollar per gallon.

    There has never been a military draft. Why would we need one when the military takes anyone who wants to/is dumb enough to go?

    I'm sure you can come up with plenty more examples of this sort of thing, that have "always been so" for the Class of 2012.
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    Hey now! lol actually i am class of 2011 but close enough lol

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    Good Gosh! I think I'm not that old...but there are things listed here that weren't around/in place when I was a teen and many here that I remember as a kid!

    I can still clearly remember when the TV's would show a still picture of the american flag, play the anthem tune then scroll that the station was signing off for the night!

    I can also remember when MTV went on TV for the very first time..the first video I remember watching on it was Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (I was 10 or 11 at the time).

    Thanks for the read, cyrano.
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  5. hey i'm class of 2012! and i do know what 4 on the floor is!!!!!!!! i just got a 1975 3 on the floor! it used to be on the side of the wheel but the people that had it before we bought it made it on the floor becouse it must have broke or something. but i do know alot of that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. im class of 2014 and i know everything listed in the correct form
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    ummm wth is four on the floor? I would be class of 2013 if i was going to college
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    class of 1984. I know that was before they were born. I rember gas @ .39 cents
  9. Class of 2011 and that seems about right. I wish I was class of 76 or something. would have probably had better experiences in life without all the crap that we see today.
  10. its a stick shift with 4 gears and a stick is on the floor thats why its called 4 on the floor.:pokey:
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    ah. I do know what a stick shifter is, they've just added a few gears

    my first vehicle is going to be a stick, as I'm too cheap to pay for an automatic. it'll be a 5 speed though
  12. its just a fancy name they made up!
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    You don't want to have been a Class of 1976. You would have seen friends die in some idiotic crusade in a country half-way around the world while your govenment openly lied about it. You'd had a president in office that felt he was above the law and surrounded by yes men. You'd see mind-numbing TV programs with news programs rated on the level of gore they could show, politicians who promised the moon and delivered caca and a maybe even have experienced police forces that denied basic civil rights in the interest of "maintaining order".
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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    Every says 4 on the floor whar about 3 on the tree
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    That hasnt changed at all. Its still the same but with different faces, sexes, and colors, and the crap still smells like crap. Im class of 97.

    I wanted to add to the list, "You always had to put down the four digit year when filling out an aplication."
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    im class of 2008 and that stuff was funny as heck, wander what they said about my class.
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    you all are just green kids I remember the first gas I bought was $1.00 for 5 gal. of reg. and hoppy was no. 1 at the movies there were no remotes and very few tv's in my area in fact we were the first in our rural area to get electricity when I was about 5 years old , I still run heavy equipment 6 days a week and wonder what the youth of today would do in hard times jrh55
  18. The very first video they played was "VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR".
    Thought they were great. Don't think that now though.
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    Being 27, I have a hard time imagining life before vcr's... Though I do remember betamax.

    Hm... the furniture on military rifles has "always" been black and plastic.
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