The Clintons On Gun Rights...

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    I received this in an email...thought I would pass it on! This appears to have occured in 1995, never highly publicized. It will give you some idea about the Clinton's and their ideals of your gun rights.

    Vol. 2, No. 7

    Someone in the Clinton Administration should be charged with criminal destruction of government property. With the Civilian Marksmanship budget about to be zeroed out, NRA has proposed making it self-supporting by allowing the Director of Civilian Marksmanship to sell surplus guns, then train Junior competitors with the proceeds.

    The Defense Department has responded by an orgy of destruction at Anniston Arsenal in Alabama where, according to confidential sources they are cutting up recent manufacture commercial Kimber and Winchester 52-D target rifles turned in by DCM clubs.

    Those guns are worth several hundred dollars each. Confidential sources tell me Anniston is also in the process of torching 110,000 M1 Garand rifles, 390,000 M14's and 200,000 1911A1 .45 pistols with a current market value of around $300 million.

    Any World War II veteran would love to have a Garand or .45. The M14's could be permanently converted to semi-auto by grinding off an internal receiver lug at a cost of less than $20. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says once a machine gun, always a machine gun. But that's merely their rule, not law.

    Report #13 (United States)
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    Where is the oversight committee to stop this waste? Sell these weapons and apply this money to the national debt.

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    Most likely the then Prez, and his lady, personally ordered the destruction of those firearms, as they didn't want them falling into the hands of dangerous, law abiding citizens.
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    Yes, us dangerous law abiding citizens are definitely something that the Clintons would not understand.

  5. :hitwithrock::smileeek::cussing:
  6. If it occured in 1995 then these firearms are gone. Does anyone know for sure ?
  7. They obviously didn't get them all if this really happened, because the Civilian Markmanship Program is still selling target rifles and M1's.

    This may or may not be an accurate description of what was going on in 1995. Forgive my skepticism, but I'd like to see some sources besides, "I received this in an email," before I conclude that not only did it happen, but it was specifically ordered and/or authorized by Clinton or someone in his White House.
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    A reliable source I knew, worked at Anniston Arsenal during this time. According to him...they were using a large metal shredding machine, which had been dubbed "Capt'n Crunch"... to destroy these and other historical military weapons and parts.

    Weapons were stripped of all wood before shredding. Several trucks-loads of these... and other stored military rifle gunstocks, and other types of stocks, all were driven out in the back of Anniston...and burned.

    This was only the "tip of the iceberg".
  9. Very stupid. I would have taken them off thier hands.
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    Point in history, I worked weapons pool at Fort Gordon, Ga. In 1969 we had to rack up all our M-14s and send them to depot never to be seen again. My opinion, thats when the army lost its finest battle rifle.
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    Additional point in history...We were the last platoon series @ MCRD in the early 1960's to be issued the M1 Garand. They were also phasing out, (but issuing what they had)....Ike (Eisenhour) Jackets, boondocker boots, brown dress shoes, brown socks, and brown barracks cover visors to color black.

    Actually the arsenals started dying all brown re-issue (.45 holsters, etc) to black color in 1956.

    Anyway....the Marine Corps were giving classes to us on the M-14. I went through with my old M1 Garand. Later in the MP's the MTO&E specified .45 Cal M3 and M3-A1 Grease Guns, and (obviously) the M1911 and 1911 A1' pistols for MP's.

    I remember one of the M3's I carried was marked manufactured by "Guide Lamp Division of General Motors Corporation"..
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    Actually, was reading one of TACAV's posts on the .327--looking through one of the links. It's pretty telling (from the first klinton administration). As if anyone ever had a question where they stood on guns.

    Maryland's Landmark New Gun Safety Law

    I've gotten more locks (and fired casings) than I've got use for, that's for sure. Think it's just because the guns are marketed nationally.
  13. They did what? Get a rope. That is senseless destruction of fine workmanship. Just for that, I'm going to cut a cigar in Half.
  14. Don't be like that, Deersniper. Don't take out your rage on a poor, defenseless cigar...:09:
  15. How sad. Bet there's some that would love to do that to the 2nd Amendment as well. Just put it through the shredder, destroy it and pretend it never was.
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    From what I've read, many of those destroyed M14's were brand new and had to be removed from their wood shipping crates to be destroyed. They used two methods, torch and shear and the part that was destroyed was the receiver (all these receivers were forged by the way) by cutting it in half across the magazine well (once in awhile you can still find these halves for sale). However, the way I understood it, all the small parts and stocks were removed and these are are among the parts that were eventually sold and was the supply of USGI parts that have been used through the years as replacement and to assemble new rifles by various gunsmiths and companies like SAI. Those parts are starting to dwindle out now. There was also a company that for awhile remanufactured these receiver halves by welding. So there are M14's out there with welded receivers, but from what I understand the work was first rate and probably as good as a new cast receiver. I also heard once, and now I can't remember where, but Klinton was having 1911's dumped in the ocean. That doesn't make sense, since the steel could be recovered for something else...plowshares for example.... Incidentally, in regard to the welded receivers, it took at least two to make one since you had to find two long opposites in order to have enough receiver to make one of the appropriate length.
  17. Okay; I'm satisfied. There seems to be plenty of corroboration that this actually happened. What a shame, and what a waste of good guns.

    Can anyone specifically connect the decision to do this to Clinton? Or was it mostly just something that happened on his watch, like the condition of Walter Reed Hospital happening during Bush's?

    Also, does anyone know what their expressed reasoning, rationale or whatever was? I seem to have a vague memory of some kind of policy implemented in the last ten or twenty years, that no usable military equipment can be sold to the public. Does anyone know more about that, and was this connected to that policy?
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    When it comes to our guns,I don't trust any of the tyranical trio!:hitwithrock:
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    T2K, I honestly can't remember a policy being implemented, to ban sales of surplus equipment. But I have noticed a drop off in the availability of surplus American gear. Several dealers are selling surplus from other countries, but very little from here.

    Rave, I agree, I don't trust politicians as far as I can throw 'em, and at my age, that ain't very far!

    All I can think of, is what a loss of historic firearms, that never jumped up and hurt anybody of their own accord!
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    I keep waiting for one of them toys for guns things here.....our kid has alot of toys he's not using and I sure could use another Shotgun.

    I've been trying my best to keep up with the "one gun a month" thing in case they pass the law nationally if the dems get in, but it's starting to put me in the poor house. I don't know how some states like MD and the like can do it--it gets costly after a while !