The Courage of Convictions

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    When I was a kid, to call someone a Socialist was like calling them the N-word, a disgusting pejorative that would start a fist fight. Not today. In fact, millennials seem to take pride in calling themselves Socialist to show how “woke” they are, a form of virtue-signaling to their peers, same as a Karen wearing a mask outdoors. The latest poll I saw (October 2020) showed that 70% of millennials would be “likely to vote for a Socialist presidential candidate.”

    But, ask a millennial to explain exactly what is a Socialist and you get that blank stare of ignorance that they are so well known for (very entertaining to watch the scores of YouTube videos showing those moments.) If you take the initiative to explain to a millennial that Socialism is defined as government taking charge of the means of production and distribution in an economy, that doesn’t help at all. They retain that same ignorant stare.

    Okay, we can fix that. To help ignorant millennials understand what Socialism really is, there are two things you can do.

    First, you can help them understand how government in the United States goes about owning the means of production. It does that through taxation. You are the one who expends the energy, sweat, blood, and tears to earn your money, but then the government forcibly takes your money through taxes, turning your money into their money so they can give it to others who did not earn it. To the extent the government takes your earnings in taxes, it owns the means of production that generated your earnings.

    The second thing a millennial needs to understand is redistribution. They love the concept of free college, free healthcare, free daycare, etc. simply because they are ignorant of what it means to pay for those programs. You can easily fix that ignorance.

    In an interview with Bernie Sanders, America’s Socialist in Chief, George Stephanopolous said it sounded like Bernie wanted the United States to be like Scandinavia. Sanders retorted, “What’s wrong with that?” According to a 2018 study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the tax burden in the US is 24.3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). According to OECD the rate is much higher in Scandinavian countries. Sweden taxes 49.8% of GDP, Denmark 50.8%, Finland 54.2%, and Norway 54.8% of GDP. So let’s just use the average between those four Scandinavian countries, which would be 52.4% of GDP, a 116 percent increase in tax burden compared to the current 24.3% in the US.

    If you think Sanders only wants to tax 52.4% of GDP in the United States you really don’t know Bernie Sanders. Still, we’ll use that 52.4% number for purposes of discussion. Back to your millennial…

    Your millennial can learn about redistribution simply by putting their money where their mouth is. Tell him or her to take 52.4% of their gross income, net of tax withholdings from their paycheck, and send the balance to the government of their choice, local, state, or federal. They can’t send it to a nonprofit, mind you, because then they would be in control of redistribution. No, it must go to government so that redistribution is out of their control.

    If they are willing to do that, and continue doing that the rest of their days, then I will respect them. At least they will prove the courage of their convictions. But what do you think the chances are that they will actually put their money where their mouth is and give 52.4% of their gross earnings to government? Nil, of course, at least until the day comes that the government forces it out of them.

    Unlike 70% of millennials, 100% of Gun 'n Gamers don’t have that problem. I see the proof of people on Gun ‘n Game living the courage of their convictions every day. Every Day.

    And that is why Socialism will always be a failure. There is no courage behind Socialism, only cowardice. Since they are unwilling to actually live the courage of their convictions, virtually every self-proclaimed "Socialist" is, in reality, nothing but a phony.
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    Same thing for gun control. How to end a conversation with a leftist:

    "I saw Fred out and about with one of those Assault Rifles"

    "You mean an AR-15 type of platform ?"

    "Dunno but it looked like one of those military style weapons"

    "Why don't you go talk to him about it ?"

    "No way--those things are scary. No one should be allowed to have them. Our government should ban them or buy them back."

    "How about you go over to Fred's house and ask to buy his back from him ? Or if you think it should be taken away go take it away from him ?"

    "That's for the cops to do"

    "The cops are people too......if you feel so strongly about it why don't you put your money where your mouth is and go do it yourself ? Or do you go around life trying to get others to do your bidding for you because you can't deal with your own fears and man up to do stuff yourself ? "
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    These millennials cant see past their I phone or TV. I am glad my youngest son that just turned 19 thinks like most of us and knows what is going on with the world and politics. He actually see's through all the bull$hit. He has very few friends his age because of their political stupidity and he chooses to not hang with them. He actually hangs with older people my age and helps them when he is not working. One of my friends is into local politics and does alot of campaigning for the Republican party also. My son goes to meetings with him each month.