The DC Sniper Nest: None Dare Call it Terrorism

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    This is from the Sierra Times....the guy makes some good points...I especialy find his perdiction of the profile..but I find myself agreeing with this artical on many points....especialy how we call events anything except a terrorist attack.

    "Surely the profilers are trying to figure out some way of saying this lone gunman is some nut - some crazy white guy that gets a monthly high from reading Soldier of Fortune, probably hates the New World Order, and is of course, a believer in the Second Amendment, Turner Diaries, etc.. This profile (soon to come, I'm sure)"

    The DC Sniper Nest: None Dare Call it Terrorism
    Analysis by J.J. Johnson
    Published 10. 7. 02 at 22:18 Sierra Time

    This will be one of those articles our enemies will try to pick apart in order to make the accusation that the author actually condones what is happening around the nation's capital. It's expected, since it's one of the few ways the left knows how to deal with such a dilemma.
    Fact is: There have been at least 11 shootings, with 5 confirmed fatalities so far in the Washington DC area. Since despite all the police chest pounding, they probably won't find a suspect by the time this is article is published, there will probably be more.

    In our new War on Terrorism, none dare call it that. So let's call it what it really is - war, and deal with it on those terms.

    This of course, will make the spin meisters even more upset, since nothing - absolutely nothing since September 11, 2001 will be called terrorism. Not the American Airlines flight over New York City a year ago, not the string of oil refinery explosions, unexplained train derailments, not the nutcases attacking Greyhound bus drivers, and heaven forbid - that Anthrax thing was an anomaly, just like the West Nile Virus and the new cases of malaria popping up in the same area of the shooting. Just individual crazed lunatics mind you, not terrorism.

    Meanwhile, the war continues.

    If it hasn't dawned on you that this is an actual war in progress on our own soil (don't worry - it's not terrorism unless we tell you), take a look at the affect one lone sniper has had on the social infrastructure of the DC suburbs:

    Anne Arundel County Schools:
    . All schools locked
    . After-school activities canceled
    . After-school childcare will be provided
    . No evening high school classes
    . Indoor recess and activities

    Baltimore City Schools:
    . No afternoon pre-kindergarten
    . No outdoor after-school athletic events; indoor events will be held

    Calvert County Schools:
    . Students being kept inside schools
    . No after-school activities

    Charles County Schools:
    . Heightened security
    . Students kept indoors
    . After-school activities canceled
    . Tuesday field trips canceled

    Frederick County Schools:
    . Lockdown status
    . No students allowed outside

    Howard County Schools:
    . Modified lockdown status
    . No afternoon kindergarten or special education
    . No outdoor recess or activities

    Montgomery County Schools:
    . Code Blue status
    . No afternoon pre-k or kindergarten
    . Extra security in schools
    . All field trips canceled
    . Indoor recess and lunch
    . All after-school activities canceled

    Prince George's County Schools:
    . Code Blue status
    . All outdoor activities canceled
    . Indoor recess and lunch
    . No outdoor after-school activities
    . No afternoon pre-kindergarten
    . All school doors monitored by security
    . Increased police presence in schools

    Queen Anne's County Schools:
    . No after-school activities

    D.C. Schools:
    . No outdoor lunch or recess
    . No outdoor after-school activities
    . All field trips canceled

    Archdiocese of Washington Schools:
    . No outdoor lunch or recess
    . No afternoon kindergarten or activities
    . Aftercare will be provided

    Alexandria City Schools:
    . No outdoor recess or physical education classes
    . After-school activities canceled
    . Increased police presence for dismissals

    Arlington County Schools:
    . All outdoor after-school activities canceled
    . Indoor after-school activities will be held

    Caroline County Schools:
    . Outdoor activities canceled

    Fairfax County Schools:
    . No outdoor activities

    Falls Church City Schools:
    . Outdoor activities canceled
    . Police officers at each school

    Fredericksburg City Schools:
    . Lockdown status
    . No after-school activities

    King George County Schools:
    . Lockdown status

    Loudoun County Schools:
    . Heightened state of alert
    . Outdoor activities at each principal's discretion

    Manassas City Schools:
    . Limited lockdown status
    . No outdoor recess or activities

    Prince William County Schools:
    . No outdoor after-school activities Monday or Tuesday

    Spotsylvania County Schools:
    . Outdoor activities canceled

    Stafford County Schools:
    . Outdoor activities canceled

    Not bad for eleven rounds. Anyone want to take a guess how many of these students are children of federal employees? Now, let your brain spin. Here's a federal government planning for war, importing and exporting no goods on its western flank, and with a market in a steady freefall, and yet to even submit a budget this fiscal year. But none of that will be on their minds when they wake up - only: who's next?

    Just like September 11 - brilliant war tactics. Then again, as any sniper can tell you, psychological terror is a bi-product of this time-tested, lethal art. The only thing America has going for it right now is that there is only one. Surely the profilers are trying to figure out some way of saying this lone gunman is some nut - some crazy white guy that gets a monthly high from reading Soldier of Fortune, probably hates the New World Order, and is of course, a believer in the Second Amendment, Turner Diaries, etc.. This profile (soon to come, I'm sure) will give some antigun nuts a second wind, attempting to get more gun legislation passed.

    C'mon - you know this is coming, don't you?

    Lest we forget that the state of Maryland already has some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation. And no gun law will slow down this sniper. In fact, only the opposite is true.

    We're dealing with a professional, someone who is becoming pretty good at one shot - one kill. This person is not firing several shots at random, and is deadly accurate. Our shooter knows how to take the shot, then relocate. Some amateur could not be this skilled working behind enemy lines, if you will and, knowing there is a dragnet out there, still hit his mark at least 10 times. According to authorities, there is no common pattern with the victims that are being chosen. So if we said the only thing the victims do have in common is that none are Muslim, that would be a stretch, wouldn't it?

    If what many people fear turns out to be the case ("sniper jihad"), catching this critter may be difficult, and a few more may have to die to get a bead on this SOB. Not being a sniper expert, I'd say it will take all we have inside us if and when the next round is fired. But I recall something about hitting the ground, and get a good look in the direction where you heard the sound. If it were a war zone, the next line would be lay down cover fire, and fire teams should keep their 'field of fire' in mind, but we don't want to turn the Washington Suburbs into Washington, DC, now would we?

    Our little sniper is operating in an enemy environment, but he is also operating in a relatively 'safe' environment. You see, the fact that we really are at war is a concept too many people haven't taken seriously yet, especially in east coast, antigun bastions such as suburban DC. Hence, only time will tell when suddenly concealed carry laws are lifted (or simply not enforced), so that the soldiers in this new war (the citizens), may have the means of neuturalizing such threats upon discovery.

    Go ahead. Call me extreme. But attending all those funerals will get old real fast. Legislators can pass all the laws they want, but no police chief or sheriff wants to spend the rest of is time in office counting innocent bodies. I'd suggest the local police make a few inquires to the Pentagon on how to deal with this problem, not the FBI or ATF. No, I'm not calling for military intervention, but gathering background information on someone that clearly has a military background.

    To put it bluntly, we've have a region of the country on the verge of societal shut down. The pundits prefer calling this a lone nut than dealing with the obvious.

    This person is not a 'right-wing' lunatic. This person is not a terrorist. This is a solider - waging war on our own soil.
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    id like to set one or two things straight, first of all this guy isnt a sniper, or a soldier- he or she is a bottom of the barrel dirt bag MURDERER!!!!

  3. Stopper

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    Well think about it - it could be true. Ya he is a dirt bag, but what if he is a young jihad'er. No muslims have been shot yet. We are at war.

    Why does it have to be a white guy who owns guns? Why?

    Thats what they want it to be so they can further their agenda,but what if?
  4. i was watching CNN today and saw their show talk back live, they of course were talking about the sniper, and they had several guests on and one was some former NYPD homicide dective and his advice to everyone in the area was basicaly look for anyone carrying a gun case around, because that was his idea of suspicious behavior, he also said quite a few times that there needed to be road blocks and everyones car and trunks searched, and that it didn't matter that their rights were being violated, that there's a killer on the loose.
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    I've thought that way for a while. This is somebody who is trained. Where else to get the best sniper training in the world? The US Military. Heck we send our police snipers to military training sites all the time.

    The fact that no Muslims are dead or shot doesn't hold much water with me though, unless I missed something along the way on the news. Islamic faith is a minority in the US as far as I know. It doesn't seem that this person is targeting anybody specifically, again, unless I messed something. I may well have. I've been doped up for a week awaiting surgery on my neck this Friday.

    We'll see who the real perp is in the end, maybe.......And I hope it proves the lefty's wrong....I hope it's an Eskimo Democrat who weighs 443 lbs, and is nine feet tall, who voted for Gore on a hangin' chad...that would throw the profilers for a loop wouldn't it!

    Because we all know the profile: W/M 26-40 years old. Former Military, Right wing extreme, gun freak, probably has a spec-ops tatoo on his arm for good measure....and it's always an "ASSAULT WEAPON!" I don't care if it is a Model 700 Sendero, it's always an assault weapon when the lefty's talk about it!
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    maybe they recruited another american to do this . just like that john lind guy . we just don't know.
  7. Oneastrix you right dog! Recent newspaper in that area reported that the victims charactered the makeup of the community. Sounds like a wacko lib to me. Who's that other guy ? Ted, er, ah, Ted Kazinski, yeah thats it, an ultra leftist.
    Da_m! I feel sorry for the innocent.
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    okay anyone who has studied anything on serial killers would know that criminals try and commit their crimes against their own race it is very little that a criminal of one race would kill a person of another. Except in the case of terrorism
  9. oneastrix

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    You are correct about that Shaun, as the stats go....
  10. Shaun

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    I read every thing I could on serial killers when I was working at the S.O.
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    This does not require training. It is a scoped .223. He is shooting unsuspecting victims. If he were a sniper, there would not be 2 survivors. And he would not be using a .223.
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    We just had an instructor at the academy who goes all over the country, helping the LEO community predict the next wave of crime. He's a 40-year veteran of law enforcement, and he said the next crime wave we'll be facing will be hits on schools, and big time. Elementary schools are the supposed key target. In 5-10 years, the kids who are now 10-15 are gonna be the worst this nation has seen as far as violent crime is concerned.

    He said this murderer who is sniping at people is doing it strictly to see his "handiwork" broadcast all over TV, and is banking on copycats to bugger things up even more. He sincerely doubts this perp will ever live to face trial. He thinks the so-called "sniper" will see to it he never does, be it a firefight, or suicide.
    And, Lenny2 is right-had this moron been a trained sniper, there would be no survivors and he would've used at least a .308.
    Personally, I hope this MF'er shoots his Johnson off and bleeds to death.......