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    Who here still has a Drive in theater in their area? At one time we had 6 Drive ins here in Toledo and one outside of Toledo in Oregon. All the Toledo ones are gone (strip malls with only half rented out space...what eyesores!). The only one left is the one in Oregon and its a double screen. It used to be all farm land around it and "civilization" is creeping closer and closer (yuppie subdivisions who think they are living in the "country"). The wife and I are gonna spitshine her Mustang convertable and go to the Drive in with the top down and eat popcorn and hotdogs. America as we knew it is vanishing quickly gentlemen. So if ya got a Drive in near you go and enjoy it before its gone! :(
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    theres a twin drive in here, wife and kids have been to it a few times, i stay home and watch my baby, my GSD.

  3. Man that brings back memories. Only thing around here is multiple screens in a building. Forget about sneeking in the goodies and the fun things in your own car. NRA that was a blast from the past.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    The only thing different now is when I was young I couldn't wait to get in the I actually watch the movie! :( ;)
  5. That's where I first saw Eastwood's spaghetti westerns.

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    Me too, and John Wayne movies! Miss the "Duke"!
  7. Life is good. Oh and the Cowboys with the Duke.

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    I remember one Drive in tryed to show xxx movies. Got away with it for two nights then got shutdown. The neighbors complained of the loud moaning and some of them could actually see the..ahem..giant bodyparts! :eek:
  9. There was a xxx drive-in that was legal for 2 years. The fence was high enough that it couldn't be seen from the road. No further comment. 25 years ago.
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    These idiots tryed it smack in the middle of town! Houses and businesses all around. And there were gaps in the fences that they were to cheap to fix. This was always the "seedy" one anyways in a bad part of town. Went there a couple of times to see a movie I wanted to see real bad (before they went xxx). Had to take a .38 with me, not my most relaxed night watching a movie!:assult: :eek:
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    LOL...This is so funny you should say anything about drive in's.

    Yesterday I was in the middle of a small town and it was like a Harvest Festival with a very lovely lady and I forgot my money at home. I was like I need to go to the bank but my car was parked at her house and we had 10 minutes before the bank closed. So we ran like to the bank it was like almost a mile away!,Then we get there find out that we can't go inside, only the drive thru was open....

    So we walked up to the drive thru and the lady looked at me like I was the craziest thing in the world, and then leaned over and saw the female there and just said ah I

    Not the same as exactly what you were saying NRAJOE but it made me rethink about that day all over again.

    But there are no big screen movie theaters here anymore either, they tore the last one down in 1995. America is changing, "Everyone is in too big of a hurry"
  12. He he hee

    Now thats my kind of neighborhood!!! :p
  13. Memories


    Some of my fondest memories as a kid are of the family piling into the station wagon to see a movie at the drive in. Usually a Dysney something or other. I remember seeing a few "The Love Bug" movies there.

    Some of my fondest memories as a young adult are of the drive in too. On dollar a head night, two people in the car, 5 in the trunk.... And of course there are the dating nights in the back row! That may have rivaled the stuff on the screen at your Drive in NRA Joe!!!:kinky:
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    Yep, its a shame guys. Everybody would rather rent videos and cocoon themselves in their houses anymore. High tech cavemen? :confused:
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    That is one thing that I do not like to do, I would rather go out and do something even if its simply walking somewhere, being at a house is so borrrrrrrrring!
  16. DRIVE IN


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    Oh yeah...those drive-in movies were great during their time.

    Drive-In's...Here's how I remember them starting from around 1955.

    -Speakers hooked on your windows. The audio quality was terrible but who cared.

    -Dust clouds formed as people drove through graveled paths between speakers.

    -Popcorn and soft drinks were good. I suppose there might have even been a few beers drunk.

    -Trunkloads of kids sneaked in for a free movie.

    -Sometimes there would be a twin drive-in theater and I'd watch both movies. Of course one was without volume.

    -Without air-conditioning it got really hot during summer movies.

    -Some movies didn't get watched. It was just a social place to go with your girlfriend. Occasionally you'd see a head pop up above the door window. Don't know what they were looking for down on the floor.(ha)

    Oxford:nod: :D
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    Who goes to a movie to watch it anymore LOL!!
  19. I hope you have the privilege to be married to the same woman for almost 20 years as myself. Then rent a movie is sort of cool. Surround sound and the pause button.
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    Lamesa, TX still has a drive in guys. If ya wanna take a road trip, head for the TX pan-handle!
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