The Expendables

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  1. I took my wife and my two sons to see the Expendables last night. Don't worry, I won't be a spoiler. I'll only say that everyone should see it. Its a fun movie and it is exactly as advertised: Lots of action, lots of explosions, lots of one liners, and everything we men have learned to love about a good action movie. There are some good laughs in it as well, many from Jet Li, which was a surprise.

    The only negative I have to say about it is that some of it was filmed in the same way as movies like The Bourne Supremacy, where the camera moves around alot during action scenes. I may just be getting old, but that makes it kind of irritating for my old eyes at times. But the whole movie isn't filmed that way, so it was tolerable.

    You may find this surprising, but one of the highlights of the movie is the performance by Dolf Lundgren. (yes I actually just wrote that) And its an encouragement for people like me because the movie proves that, yes, old men can still ROCK. LoL
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    I'm going to go see it with my wife this afternoon.

  3. im tired of giving hollywood money of mine

    if i wanna watch it, ill illegally download it online
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    There's so much bada$$ery in this film that watching it will put hair on your chest :D
  5. its so bad *** the hair on your chest will grow a mullet
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    I'm with stalebiscuit on this, (and I make a living from hollywood) but I'm gonna spend some cash on this one. I reckon the explosions and gun fire will drown out the popcorn and cell phones.
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    I just came back from watching it. I liked it. Lots of action, shooting and explosions. I liked the automatic shotgun.
  8. I am gonna see it next week I think...LOL I have been anticipating it for awhile! You gotta love the 80s action heroes!
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  10. Thats the A12 shotgun. It is quite a weapon. It even has the capability of being mounted in tandem on top of a vehicle and remotely controlled from the inside. Very awesome. Everyone needs one.... cept me... according to my wife.:nana: