The farmers wife

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    A lady had been married to a farmer all of her life. They had cows and
    horses on their farm and grew crops for sale at the local farmers market.

    While shopping at the grocery store, she picked up a Carnation Milk Company
    jingle contest form. It offered a cash prize for the best entry regarding
    those little cans of milk found on grocery shelves.

    Carnation had furnished the first line of the jingle with these words:
    "I like Carnation best of all ..." and the submitter had only to complete
    the remainder of the jingle on the entry form. Each contestant could use
    only 50 words or less.

    She completed her jingle and mailed it off to the Carnation Milk Company.

    Several months later, the woman was surprised when a Carnation Milk
    representative came to her door and told her that her entry was the best
    submitted. Unfortunately, the company could not publish it. Nevertheless,
    they had decided that her entry was worth a consolation prize and presented
    her with a company check in the amount of $1,000.

    Here is her entry:

    "I like Carnation best of all,
    No tits to pull, no **** to haul.
    No barns to clean, no hay to pitch,
    Just punch a hole in the son of a *****.":nod:

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    Hah, thats afunny!