The Final Insanity

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  2. Huey Rider

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    I just found out there are 3 grants for over $3000,000 each to the same university to study the singing of finches!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are we nuts or just plain crazy?

    Mybe I should ask for $3000,000 to study my own singing. I'd probably get it!

  3. danf6975

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    Hell, ill take a grant to learn to wash my privates!
    and ill chirp like a finch while doing it !
  4. chesterwin

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    Can I ask for that money to retire???
  5. Chirp, Chirp! We also funded Chinese prostitutes to get off alcohol. Next they will be funding the mating habits of rubber ducks.
  6. Sigh . . . .

    I wish this would be the final insanity.

    There is no reason to expect anything but more of the same with the traditional political parties in charge.
  7. Windwalker

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    I'm sure all of our struggling citizens, including our unemployed, are as impressed as I am. Spend the stimulus, which is our tax dollars, in the United States on our Citizens.
  8. It is true insanity, the sheer amount of questions that pop up in my head thinking about the crap they spend our worthless money on that is coming straight off the print press gives me migraines. The money spent on helping black people learn to wash their just is straight up racism to me but what would I know I'm just a white conservative without a soul.
  9. DWFan

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    There is more of this insanity than you know. The most infamous could have been the $127 million (if I remember right and equal to nearly 3/4 billion in today's dollars) grant to the NHTSA to develop a rear wheel steering motorcycle in the early 1970's in the theory that under braking, it was unsafe for 90% of the braking forces to be on the wheel that also controlled steering.
    All the famous designers were consulted; Rickman, Buell, Chapman (and several others) and they all concluded that a rear wheel steering motorcycle was inherently dangerous and shouldn't be considered. Joan Claybrook (who's never owned or ridden a motorcycle in her life) decided they were all wrong and proceeded to have the machine built. The final result, besides the money wasted, was fatally injuring three test riders and permanently crippling two others before the project was halted.
    We're also paying for monkeys to be fed cocaine and we have a 50 year old on-going study into ant reproduction. Of course, we know the disaster of breeding the African honey bee and domestic bees that has cost billions of dollars and untold lives. We're even spending millions of dollars to tell people how much money we are spending (but usually not where) such as the notorious "stimulus dollars at work" highway signs. We funnel money into airports that no one uses, art projects and opera houses that only serve the wealthy. We even subsidize foreign diplomats housing and transportation expenses. (The NYC mosque Imam trip to the Middle East paid for by the State Dept. comes to mind.)
    Insanity? no. Supreme arrogance and total disregard for the American taxpayer? Most definitely.
    You are nothing to the professional politicians except a source of funds to spend however they see fit. Bernie Madoff did exactly the same thing and he was sentenced to prison for it.
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  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    If you want to get an idea about some of the money-wasting projects those 545 idiots in the Congress are pushing, give this site a look-see. Yes, it's sponsored by the Minority Whip, but it sure will give you an idea of the nonsense going on in DC!

    Eric Cantor || Republican Whip || YouCut

    And if you want to help the Republicans identify and eliminate wasteful government grant spending on inane and/or insane projects that don't deserve to be funded, check this out. The link to the grants research site is about three-quarters of the way down the page. click through to the grants research page and enter some term you don't think deserves government funding. You will be bemused, astonished and appalled at some of the things the yankee gummint is wasting your money on.

    YouCut Launches First Citizen Review | Pantano for Congress

    Although it was a long time ago, back when I was at the Zoo we got to talking one afternoon in Naval Science about R&D to make probes stealthier. By that, our instructor didn't mean 'radar-transparent;' he meant 'cleverly camouflaged.'

    We did some checking, and were astonished to find a grant of a quarter of a million dollars given to a scientist to study "the survival capabilities of feathered airfoils in a hostile environment."

    Ostensibly, this researcher was attempting to develop a small, radio-controlled drone that could be used to overfly guerrilla campsites or suspected campsites and photograph them (this was long before tiny video cameras, never mind realtime capable video). In reality, this guy spent two years out wingshooting everything from pheasants to geese on the government's nickel to determine that yes, feathered airfoils respond adversely to loads of birdshot!

    Your tax dollars at work, folks.
  11. soooo, does this meen that Obama had to learn this later on in life? I meen if he thinks he needs to edjucate other African men that maby he didnt know abou tthis till after he got into the white house!
  12. chesterwin

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    The Bottom Line. "They" think they know how to spend "Our" money better than "We" do. ]
  13. Unfortunately the "WE KNOW BETTER" mentality doesn't end well for the people or the politicians if you read your history and it is scary where that mentality is taking us in the long run.
  14. CalifgirlinOk

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    If African men don't know how to wash their privates then let it rot and fall off for all I care...
  15. Paul T

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    Ye but you would just take pictures and post them on the humor forum
  16. Russ Hatch

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    The one I really like was several years ago a government funded research project to discover why children fall off of bicycles. $150,000.00 later the conclusion was gravity caused this to happen.
  17. BarryHalls

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    Finch, hell, I'll stand on my head and wash my fellas with listerine for $10,000. Yeah, that's 1/88 of that total, lol!