the fist fighting already starts

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  1. found it in another thread, so far no one has shot all of it down, no snopes er nothing

  2. wow stalebiscuit... this outta stir the pot and infuriate the Democrats & Liberals alike...

  3. KGunner

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    If it were possible to hate a man anymore than I hate Barack Obama, I'd be very surprised.
  4. Yeah, I feel pretty much the same about Klinton too...
  5. Rambo

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    If I disliked someone as much as people around here seem to dislike Obama or Clinton, I would not give that person a second thought. Maybe it's not hatred, but fear.
    Years of living and training to be a warrior, I hate no man and likewise, I fear no man. Learn, adapt, overcome your hatred and fear and you will hopefully find some comfort in the rest of your life that you no longer hate anyone.
    Crap, I hope I didn't get too philosophical for you. Just trying to unstir the pot a bit.
  6. Coeloptera

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    I'm sure we can make one of these for McCain too.

    Like his nonsensical "flag sewn inside a shirt" POW story.

    He told people at a 2001 Los Angeles dinner that he didn't vote for Bush in 2000. Also a lie.

    But really...I don't care that much to continue. I also notice that a lot of this stuff is about his race, religion, and nationality.

    Interesting, to say the least, no?

    Additionally, the original for this is very fresh. Likely most of this will end up debunked soon enough, like all the rest has been, almost without exception. Looks like we're moving from "Muslim quisling" to "pathological liar". Same dance, different tune.

    Meh, I say.

    But I agree with Rambo. This sounds scared more than hateful. Catching the way the national wind is blowing? What do you do if he wins? It's likely now and you need to think about that.

    - Coeloptera
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  7. im sure a good bit is fabricated or mis-information

    alot of them are kinda

    a few....well quite a few bother me, we will wait and see, but hey everyone should circulate it as much as possible, if its true then its good for everyone to see it, if its false, then it will just get debunked quicker
  8. publius

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    LOL..the above list is actually not complete. But I agree that John McLame, while nowhere as bad as Klinton or Obama, has his own problems. I have emailed him at least three times over the years (the latest yesterday) and told him to quit stinking up the republican party and move his operation to it's rightful home. On two of those occasions I have asked him to take his rino buddies with him. To wit: Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Arlen Specter,Hagel, Lugar, I'm forgetting one, and two were defeated for re-election in 2006.
  9. FS00008

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    Doesn't matter to me, I never was going to vote for either one of those crazies. I also don't really care for McLame, but I'd rather see him in office than either of those other two...
  10. mosquitofish

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    nice job seabiscuit. the more we see Obama the more the truth comes out.
  11. patrick70

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    I believe obama is dangerous.
  12. ........i hated that movie
  13. Seabeescotty

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    Okay, I'm gonna have my word...

    Thank you for listening.
  14. Good read and good to know...Now wheres troy2000 ? I want to read what he has to say.
  15. Brother Bob

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    Nothing personal, but how the Hell do YOU know who he voted for? Were you in the booth with him when he voted? Sorry bud. I'm not a McCain man, but ****!!!!!:09:
  16. Seabeescotty

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    Too smart for us ole country boys, Bro Bob! We'uns 'er only good at foot shufflin', we ain't smart enuf to think for our ownselves. We need to have someone else's ideas of truth shoved down our throats. Sorry about feeling a bit sarcastic, today, but I guess there's just too many smart folks on here for such as I to voice an opinion, without someone having to stick other words in my mouth.
  17. TexasT

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    To take a quote from the book Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can do About It:

    "...I have been careful not to subscribe to party dogma that violated my common sense, nor assume that any constituency is a sacrosanct just because the party says so, nor believe that the other party is automatically the enemy. Yet that's just the problem. Increasingly, those who serve my party are subject to all these pressures."

    The man who wrote the book is a Republican and what he's saying is true. Neither party is God. Don't automatically love everything your party does just because it's your party. Question things and we can change things.
  18. Seabeescotty

    Seabeescotty G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Makes sense, TT. Wasn't that ole Newt? He's pretty savvy, from what I've heard on interviews. Yeah, he got in trouble, but that doesn't take his smarts away!
  19. Brother Bob

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    Seabeescotty, I'm tired of all the fussing. Life will go on and this too, shall come to pass. Too many good folks on this forum getting under each others skin over scat that nobody has any control over. We all share common beliefs here, but nobody tries to get along by finding some common ground. How the Hell could we ever defend this country if SHTF with the divisive attitudes on this forum??????? I find this quite troubling. I guess I'm living in the past. I'm getting too **** old to adapt to today's way of thinking, whatever that might be. I just don't fit in anymore and I guess I'll just find another forum where I do. I love chewing the fat with folks, but this forum has divided more than it has united. Keep in touch. Brother Bob
  20. TexasT

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    It's Peter Peterson's book. I'm not sure what ole Newt said.