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    The other day, a guy was on his way to a job site, when he came upon a line of men walking next to the highway. The line stretched as far as he could see. He drove for two miles with the line of men still alongside the road.

    Eventually, he came upon what appeared to be a funeral procession. There was a hearse, a dog, and another hearse behind. The guy was curious and was determined to find the meaning of all this. So he pulled off of the road, and waited for the first man in the line.

    When the first man in the line reached him, he asked, "What happened here, who died?" The widower replied, "Well that's my wife in the front hearse." The guy said, "I'm terribly sorry about your loss, but why is a dog in the funeral procession?" The widower said, "That's my pit bull. He attacked my wife as she was sneaking out of the house with my favorite rifle. She intended to sell it and buy a necklace." "Oh! That's horrible" the guy said, "but why is there a second hearse?" "That's my mother-in -law," the widower said. "She came to my wife's aid, and the dog turned on her, and killed them both."

    The guy said, "Man, I really feel your pain! But, eh..., can I borrow your dog sometime?" "Sure!" the widower said, "but you've got to go to the back of the line."

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    I want that dog next!! ;)