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  1. Post your picture(s) that you find interesting.


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  3. Back in the mid 90's I thought this would be a excellent place to invest money...I am glad I did not get hung up on the idea.


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  4. Palladin8

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    I need to figure out how to resize these pics so I can post them. Still learning the ins and outs of the Mac.
  5. NRAJoe If there was a prize givin for the best picture you would sure win it. LOL

    That dead deer seems to have a slight smile, I wonder why LOL !!!
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    Billy- that big foot pic reminds me of the old Zap comix by R. Crumb. "Whiteman meets Yeti" do you remember it? the pic you posted looks like a R. Crumb drawing
  7. billy

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    how could i forget that?
    yes that is a crumb drawing.
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    We went on vacation this year in Virginia Beach with the three girls my wife my daughter and her cousin there is not much to do with the three girls that were in the water most of the time so i made sure no one got pulled out and away in the tides and i found this Blow Fish,Puffer Fish?….It was flopping around and could not make it back out beyond the surf…..So as guys do i hoisted it up and checked the little fella out before I tossed him back well in front of the big waves. My wife took the picture as i gave him a fake kiss……
    Most of the puffers are the second deadliest vertebrates in the world so i knew what i was getting into when i caught him…But was not real sure if this one was poisonous or not………He left a red swollen dot on one of my fingers that lasted a few days………..

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  9. Awlsome !!! I clicked on the picture and I'll be dearn my computer can now open these pictures.
    Earl did the fishy slip you the tongue ???
  10. Earl Easter

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    No Mike but the little fella put a spine in my fanger......Ungreateful little chit.....
  11. Family Pics

    Here are some pics of my family. These were taken a week before my Dad passed away. He was 91 and a War2 Vet, Ist Armored Diision, Tunisian Campaign, Anzio Landing and on uo through Italy.

    Group picis backrow left to right, my daughter Erin, me Bob, brother Tom, his GF Arvila, bottom is Dad and my niece Leigh. The two little one are Katy and Catherine, Leighs little ones.

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    I like this one:

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    I like that. Is there a Tijuana near you?
  14. SwedeSteve

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    Actually, now that you ask, I suppose you could call Anchorage a Big Tijuana, lol !!
  15. Mandy

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    Here is my baby

  16. Mandy

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    Here a couple more old pics


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    You had me till I noticed the yota emblem .