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the good old days

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by troy h, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Does anybody besides me miss the days when your Garand would arrive 2-4 weeks after the paper work was sent in to CMP?
  2. I have a SA Receiver on order from CMP. When I receive the Mossberg 44 .22 sometime this millenium maybe the sa receiver will follow it. The sales of 1903's has back logged CMP. A friend is still waiting for his 03 and he ordered it just after the first of the year. Its like a 5 year CD. Hey Jack LaLanne is on the Home Shopping Channel promoting a jucier, god, thought he died 100 years ago.
    Update: Friend recieved 1903 A3 6-6-02, orderd it last week of March. Helping to cleanup 6-7.
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  3. snipershot

    snipershot G&G Newbie

    I remember the good old days. You got one Garand per lifetime, no choice of maker, it it was in lousy shape, or a mixmaster, tough sh**. And it took six plus months to get here, and you had to shoot 3 matches to qualify and the qualification was for just one year.

    Now, you get to buy 5+ Garands per year, plus two Danes and a collector, and a pile of 03's too, your qualification lasts 5 years, you get to pick your maker(s) and you can buy collector grade, service grade, or rack grade.

    But that's probably not the good old days you are referring to. No I don't miss the good old days at all, cause they weren't very good. My first (and I thought only) Garand was a mix of Springfield, Winchester, IH, and H&R parts, and the stock looked like it had been run over by a M113. Since the DCM became the CMP I've received an M1D, a M1C, two collectors, two selects, and three service grades. And I ordered five more service grades yesterday. It may take a year+ to get them all, but that is part of the fun.

    And I'm not some 70 year old grandpa living in the past.