The Good, The Bad, and the Just plain F@#$ed up.

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    I'm sure we've all seen either a great looking custom Mosin, a custom Mosin that makes us cringe a little, and a custom Mosin that makes us want to beat the owner with what little bit of Mosin is left in the gun they call a Mosin Nagant. Well, here's one to beat, and not stop beating till there is nothing left:

    Post any pictures of ridiculously awesome, or ridiculously idiotic Mosins you can find.
  2. SwedeSteve

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  3. What, no bayonet or stand off spike thing on the barrel? I still want it though...maybe paired with that concept ten around magazine.
  4. Sober

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    How? Why? Who? Have I died? Am I in hell? God please save us!
  5. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf G&G Evangelist

    You have to be kidding us right? Please tell us that this is just a joke!
  6. I just threw-up a bit in my mouth...
  7. H&R12G

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    Wow, I seriously thought that was a shotgun with a bunch of crap on it at first glance. I'm curious as to where he found that stuff for it because I've never seen anything like that for a mosin for sale. That poor thing.
  8. Sober

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    With the barrel that short Im pretty sure he aint hittin anything! I could probably throw a bullet more accurately than that thing!
  9. MosinMan

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    There was a story behind that mosin. Said that the rifling was ruined up to a certain point so he just hacked it off. To a collector like me it doesn't matter if it shoots. There's still collector value there.
  10. gandog56

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    Nope, it's real. Probably about the third of fourth time that pix been through here.
  11. So just buy another barrel! We need to coin a new term for that badly hacked Mosin. I hate the term Bubba, but that is even an abomination to them I bet. Only one worse I've ever seen and that was the Mosin Nagant pistol!

  12. gandog56

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    And I'm like the anti-collector. If it shoots really awful I'll try things to fix it. I do not own a single firearm for collection value. They are all workers, no safe queens.

    But would I do what that Bozo did, NEVER!
  13. ottawa rogue

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    not the first time i've seen that one.
    normally i'm not against sporterization, but this one makes me want to cringe.
    i thought the blast from my M-44 was bad
  14. that makes me sick! how could you build a fine weapon like that and forget the cup holder!
  15. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Or the rear view mirror.
  16. ChaZam

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    I think that atrocity would even cause BUBBA to develope a case of righteous indignation.
  17. kansascoyote

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    Hate to judge a book by its cover but I think that some people fit being named bubba .
  18. gandog56

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    I don't know what looks worse, the Bubba job, or his hair and soup duster beard.
  19. roverboy

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    I think it looks like fried dog crap.
  20. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    His face or his gun?