The Gray-Haired Brigade

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    Check out the blog on Resist-I-Net. The Grey-Haired Brigade----We Have Come To Take Back Our Country---That We Fought For

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    I live in a heavy populace of retired folk . I have seen many of them at our local tea party's. I have great respect for these people. you can see there love of country and the fear of what is happening to this nation in their eyes. God bless them.

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    I have a little grey hair
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    I got lots but they are getting fewer - daily .
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    Count me in too.

    This picture says a lot!

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    Ain't it the truth!
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    My hair is now white,and that picture along with your post does indeed tell a lot,thanks,Rave and family. May God choose to bless what's left of America.:usa2:
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