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  1. tommy

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    did any one see the movie exit wounds . well if you did was it a mess up in the movie or do they make a fully auto pistol.look at the scene when they are on the bridgethe gun that steven segaal is shooting is a pistol and the sound is fully auto even the blast looks pretty fast . can any one give some info on this gun he shoots
  2. Klaus

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    I did not see the move, but there were many different fully automatic pistols. They are usually called "Machine Pistols", and of course are classified as a type of submachinegun. The MAC 11, HK VP70, and CZ Skorpian fall into this catagory. There were also guns that were essentially full auto Beretta 92s, though I do not recall the name. There were many others.

  3. Dennis

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    Glock made one to.
  4. Big Dog

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    The Beretta 92R comes to mind. Full auto with a fold down fore-grip and optional 20 or 25 round magazine. John Travolta carried one in his movie "Broken Arrow".
    William Smith (as a Soviet Spetsnaz officer) carried a neat little Polish machine pistol in "Red Dawn".
  5. Shaun

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    Nic Cages Character in Face off also used one of the full auto beretta style one's as well