The Heritage Roughrider.

Discussion in 'Rimfire Pistol' started by 410dude, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. 410dude

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    I finally got to bring it home. But it’s raining so I’ll have to wait to shoot it. I do like the way it feels.
    On most of the reviews I’ve seen on this, they talk about how the safety lets one loaded 6 rounds in it.
    However the owner’s manual states, “Do not carry this revolver with a live cartridge chambered under the hammer and firing pin. Keep an empty chamber under the hammer with the hammer block in the up (safe) position.”.

    “If you must carry your Rough Rider, for models with a 6 shot cylinder, "load one, skip one, load four". For models with a 9 shot cylinder, "load one, skip one, load 7". That way your Rough Rider will have an empty chamber under the lowered hammer, but will fire when you cock the hammer back and pull the trigger.”

    To me, that kind of defeats the purpose of the manual safety.
    It does say if you’re going to shoot it right away, load six.

    Here’s a video of Hickok45 reviewing it. You can see when he forgets to take the safety off, the safety does work.

  2. ChaZam

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    I have a Heritage RR with the 22LR cylinder and also the 22WMR cylinder. I load 6 and use the safety. My guess is that Heritage is just erring on the side of caution regarding their safety. They are probably covering their booty in the event that someone loads 6 and failed to flip the safety to the safe position and inadvertently dropped the firearm.

  3. 410dude

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    I picked up the 22lr/22mag combo in the 6 1/2in barrel. I'm hoping the rain lets off so I can shoot it today.
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  5. rando

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    Mine also is an early model and I think the first year they made them in 1992. I came across it in some gun shop and liked the looks. Mine also has a 6 1/2" barrel and came with both cylinders in the blue and silver box. I paid like $100 for it back then. They have not changed much since then. Mostly all the fancy grips they offer now and several shapes. Cant beat them for the money depending your use for it. My son mostly uses mine to carry on a trap line during winter trapping season.
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    I had the Rough Rider's grandaddy, the Tanfoglio TA-76. Same safety. I never had any problem carrying it with all six loaded. Another bonus of this safety design is to allow dry firing with no danger of chamberface damage.
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  7. blue fox

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    I have one also and keep 6 in it when loaded. I also keep the 22mag cylinder in it. Just my preference. I think the empty chamber thing is a carry over from stories of the old West when folks supposedly carried with the hammer on an empty. I find that the front sight is a little tall but haven't gotten around to filing it down yet.
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  8. I have one and it came with a coupon to get either a .22LR cyl or a .22M cyl I bought mine in .22LR and bought another .22LR cyl! It is a fine shooting revolver...wish they'd upgrade the frame to 4140 but ....$$
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    I have a 4.5 inch .22lr /.22mag. nice little gun. i think its was about $150 when i got it a few years ago, maybe 5. pretty accurate, nice trigger, the metal doesnt feel like the best stuff ever forged, but it works for .22's.

    it's a fun little gun to shoot, and helps make ammo last alittle longer!
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  10. Jaison

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    Might be the favorite gun in the herd. Love to shoot that thing at the range. Freaks people out to hit soda cans at 100-yards.
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    I've had mine for quite a few years and love it. Shoots 9 rds of 22 lr or 22 mag, depending on which cylinder you put in. It is one of my favorite guns to shoot. I always carry it fully loaded with 22 mag with the safety on, when carrying it around my place. There are times I carry it hunting, just in case I see something that I don't want to blow apart with a .308 round, like Forest Grouse, on these occasions where I'm hiking rough terrain, where I may slip and fall, I'll carry it with an empty chamber, just to be safe.

    I've got chickens, horses and other animals so sometimes rats, raccoons, possums and other small creatures can be a problem. The 22 mag will deal with any of these and even coyotes if I do my part. Have fun with yours.
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  12. 410dude

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    After my morning coffee, I went out and shot it. I was using CCI longs. After the first 6, I thought, not bad. So on the next 6, I took a very fine bead on the front sight and was really impressed. I did find the black front sight a little hard see. Maybe paint it white or orange, or just remember to wear my glasses. lol

    Now for a holster. I was thinking some type of shoulder holster, but that might interfere with hunting when using a rifle. Since i wear a pouch for ammo on my right side, I was thinking some type of cross draw holster on the left hip.
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    Hmmmm, just in from the LGS yesterday. Probly gone by now. Truth be told. Not a fan of the long barrel. Had a hi standard 6” once. Felt like one of those guns where the “BANG!” Flag pops out. IMG_6864.jpg

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  14. MosinRuger

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    I use this holster for this revolver, didnt see it fit to spend a bunch of money on such a budget gun, and it fits it well, both in form and looks.

    Im not 100% i got the "9" holster. that sounds long, but it looks right.

  15. Jaison

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    Much better holster than mine. Might post a pic later of the thing. As long as nobody laughs...
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  16. 410dude

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    I won't laugh
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    Me neither, you can trust me Jaison. ;):p:D
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    This gun makes me want to get one of it's big brothers
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