The history of Freedom.

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    I finished cleaning the guns and hung up a rifle rack in the bedroom. I was trying to figure out which long guns to put in the 4 slots....As I looked at the verious rifles it kinda hit me that our history has been fordged, or freedoms earned and our country defended..time and time again with a firearm held in the hands of brave men and women willing to protect not just their rights..but the rights of people yet unborn (consider 1776 most of us were not even a dream). I looked over my Mosin Nagants and thought about how some sovet soldier once held these rifles...ready to over take our country....yet could not envision "plinking" with his sons since privet ownership of firearms is allowed in the old USSR. Yet here we sit with the vary weapons that once were pointed at us...being used to shoot soda cans and targets by FREE people. From the flint lock to the most modern of rifle they were/are the tools that earned, protected, and still protect our freedoms, our families, and our way of life. Thouse of us on this board and thouse who own firearms like we do, have the freedom to protect our homes and family from criminals and if needed terrorist (Elected or forign)... Sometimes I forget or get cought up in groups size..ammo cost..what ever...that our firearms are not just peices of metal..wood what ever...they are the corner stone of our freedoms..they are what keeps the wofl away from the door....they are direct decendents of the vary things that were used to gain and keep our freedom....
    Just made me think...sorry to ramble.
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    Actually, the soldiers with the Mosins were defending their country from invasion by the NAZIs. Last I check, the Russians were our allies in WW1 and the Soviets in WW2.
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    true, but the koreans and vietnamese used some mosins in those wars, and if anything had happened between us and the russians during the early cold war, they would have used some mosins against us.