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    From the Urban Hunter's Guid web site....enjoy

    BULLSEYE! (Well, almost.) You are close to your goal. The best time to hunt cattle is in the dark of night. The nice part is you can scout them out during the day just by driving down country roads. Look for cattle near water, that way you can be sure they'll still be there at night. Also the closer to the road the better. Another nice thing about cattle is they won't run away from you!

    After you have found your spot come back about 10:00 PM - all farmers are in bed by then. Find the cows, cut the fence and shot! One or two dead cows are all you need. The next part is where you'll need your friends. Quickly gut the cows, tie the rope around their necks, and drag them to the truck. At the truck cut off the head and lower legs with the Chain Saw. Then toss the rest into the back of the pickup, cover with blankets and go!

    When you get home get everybody to cut up sections of ribs and steaks. Tear the rest of the meat off the bone and grind it for hamburger. You, your friends, and your family will have enought beaf to eat for at least three or four weeks. Plus your dogs won't chew on your furniture because of all the bones they'll get.:p

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    Here in Dodge City cattle rustl'in will get you hung at high noon.(ha)
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    you dont want to no what would hapin around here if you did that!