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    Realy long but well worth the read.

    News Nuggets -
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    Published 05. 22. 02 at 21:29 Sierra Time
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    THE LAST CONSIDERATION: The mindset in government is that allowing Americans to defend themselves is the last thing they will ever consider. Case in point: airline pilots carrying guns onto airplanes. Until just recently, pilots had the right to be armed on the airplanes they fly and there was not a single incident of a pilot "going berserk" and using that gun in a bad way. So what is the reasoning for taking that away (which they recently did)? They just don't want any citizen who is not some kind of a government employee to be armed on an airplane.
    The government says that their "security measures" are sufficient. I disagree most heartily. Taking knitting needles away from old ladies and confiscating nail clippers isn't going to do the trick. Making Congressmen strip to their shorts while not-too-bright security guards fondle them with their wands and their hands isn't the answer. Making every third person in line take off their shoes will not. Neither will fondling the breasts of an Islamic woman or demanding the remove her religion-required head scarf. This is all a sham to convince the "gullible masses" that they're doing something.

    They dictated that airport screeners must be federal employees by a certain date and went to work finding people of sufficient intelligence and dependability to fill those jobs. They couldn't find nearly enough and they aren't going to make it. They can't even find enough people capable of passing the simplest and most basic requirements for an average day's work. Thousands of people applied, but few showed up. Of those who showed up, most washed out. One examiner noted: "We found failures to be across the board, from English proficiency to heavy lifting. What some people would consider to be basic is what some people consider to be hard." Look for some of these "washouts" to sue the government on the ground that these standards are unfair.

    Meanwhile, we are still vulnerable. At least Israel is smart enough to arm its citizens. I can still see that middle-aged lady in Israel standing over a Palestinian suicide bomber pumping bullets into him before he could set off his bomb (true story the press played down). We need more "little old ladies with guns" to surprise the "bad guys" by killing them before they can do their dirties. The single most important thing about allowing as many people to be armed as possible is that the "bad guys" don't know who will be armed at any time. That, my friends, is a deterrent. Yet this is precisely what the government, at all levels, is determined to prevent. Go figure. (No source, just common sense:) [052302-1]

    POLICY "OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY": There were three letters in a recent Denver Post about the situation in which the school penalized children who were playing a variation of the "good guys versus the bad guys" game and "shooting" each other with their fingers during recess at the Dry Creek Elementary School (in Denver). One, who admits to being an elementary school librarian wholeheartedly agrees with the action taken against these children, saying: "Real or imaginary; human or alien. It makes no difference to me. Killing is killing." She actually believes such actions will "keep children alive." Like making children think there are no "bad guys" in the world will protect them. Sheesh! Such stupidity in those pretending to be "teaching" our kids!

    In another letter, also obviously from another school employee, emphasizes that "recess (which was what was taken away) is "a privilege," not a right. Of course, declaring something a "privilege" presupposes that some person has the power to grant or revoke such things. This is the kind of petty power seeking that leads such people to government jobs so they can expand and enlarge their power to more and more people. When my mother was young, there was not such a thing as a driver's license. She happily drove cars everywhere, and never had an accident. Driving yourself was a right. Then the government declared it a "privilege and charged us for the right to do it. That's how things become "privileges." The government takes things we were doing and makes them into "privileges" while charging us a fee to be able to do what we were doing as a natural right. That way they can both control it and profit from it.

    The third letter simply says: "Dry Creek's "zero tolerance policy" is completely out of touch with reality and needs to be re-evaluated." This letter is obviously not from a school bureaucrat. He says that to apply such a draconian policy in a "black-and-white" manner is ludicrous. "I believe the school is playing politics and trying to substitute policy rather than allowing its administrators to think and react appropriately." He's right. If they don't react according to the strictures of the hierarchy, they're in trouble. So the students suffer from punishment because they played a game played by children from the beginning of time: War. Where they begin to train themselves for self defense. Of course, this is what the "authorities" don't want. (Source: The Denver Post, 5/21/2001) [052302-2]

    PANIC! This is the kind of "security" the government is practicing. An alarm clock is found in a Lake Stevens, Washington post office emitting a "suspicious beeping." As if a real bomb is going to "beep" and the "bomb" didn't go off. So what did they do? "The post office was evacuated. City streets were blocked off. Several nearby businesses were emptied. And the Washington State Patrol's bomb squad was summoned." All for an alarm clock.

    This kind of patent overreaction has become common in today's frightened world. This shows that Osama bin Laden has been successful beyond his wildest dreams. This country is now an "armed camp," putting its own citizens "under the gun" to keep terrorists from being able to hurt us further. That this is like cops aiming their guns at each other instead of the criminals doesn't seem to be noticed by anybody important (to them). Disarming honest people while ignoring all the armed criminals and terrorists who don't obey laws is stupid. But when did stupidity ever deter a government employee or other kind of liberal? (Source: Herald Net, 5/21/2002) [052302-3]

    SPREADING THE LIBERAL LIE: Hitler's publicity man said that in order to create a lie that will be believed, you must tell that lie as many times and in as many places as possible until people begin to believe it and soon will fight you if you attempt to point out the fact that it is a lie. This is what Buffalo News editorial cartoonist "Toles" is doing with his May 14 cartoon (that appeared in the May 20th Rocky Mountain News. In it, he showed Bush as a school student answering the question: "What happens when you cut taxes, increase defense spending, and expect the federal budget to balance?"

    In the first place, this forgets completely that the last time this was attempted, under Reagan, the federal tax "take" almost doubled because lower taxes stimulated investors to invest in projects that created more taxable income for everyone. But we didn't get any benefit from that because the liberal Democrats in Congress spent $1.25 for every additional $1.00 we took in. Do your own math. Collecting more money doesn't help us when Congress spends 125% of the new money along with their usual "spend like a drunken sailor" spending. Reagan had the right idea, but he didn't count on the "tax and spend" Democrats (and some Republicans) spending everything that came in the door, and then some. (Source: Buffalo News, 5/14/2002) [052302-4]

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