The lefts radical guide to disrupting the 2020 election is online...

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by K75RT, Oct 14, 2020.

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    Please explain to me how President Trump getting re-elected, by the people all over this nation that are tired of the commucrat agenda, is a coup!
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    Done, already!!:usa:
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  5. This is one of the embedded links in the original link posted. Peruse the website this came from if you dare. Tons of Bad JuJu there. One thing of particular note is the the founder started this business it appears in response to Ronald Reagan getting elected. That pretty much says all you need to hear. Most of the stuff in there is written so that it doesn't outright say "Socialist" any plays it as intellectual in nature.

    Perhaps the biggest question to me is just how many of the SJW / Far left types are into it at this level? My guess is that their numbers are not that great as likely the astute crowd in here and elsewhere would be more aware of the threat. But it's definitely good to know that they exist at this level.
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    More than you know.

    It's been discussed on another forum about them implanting 3 man teams into the protests to cause violence even shootings.
    Kyle Rittenhouse took down one on his own. Combo of skill and a good guardian angel IMHO.

    The so called security guard who murdered the counter protest guy was seen at other events trying to cause a similar incident.
    I don't know if they run exactly the same 3 man crew at every event but they are more organized than most on our side realize.

    IMHO, any event our side either has or attends we need at least 2 layers of security.
    1. In crowd 3-4 person roving in crowd.
    2. Overwatch 3 person: rifleman, spotter and security. Yes I mean it. Not just Ned Flanders with binoculars and a phone to call 911. Hopefully some guys with training and experience.

    And yes it's time to be thinking about combat more than just survival.
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    People I talk to laugh when I say the left is better equipped, organized, and more willing than those on the right are.
    The willingness to be jailed for minor or major things should tell you something.
    There are many veterans who have joined their ranks and as you’ve seen a whole lot of career criminals with nothing to lose.
    If something were to kick off they’ve already have their plans and will execute those plans quickly.
    Watching the news and video clips of the riots and protests you will see how effective they are. They move within the mob and converge on their target swiftly and effectively.
    An example was in the incident in Chicago where the police were protecting the statue and the group moved in using signs as screens and then attacked them with frozen water bottles and other hard objects. They used umbrellas to block the pepper spray and paint ball guns.
    How many officers were injured?

    People like to make fun of ANTIFA but mark my words they are not a group to be taken lightly. They have been training them for years now. They are being armed like we’ve seen in Seattle.
    Simply waiting for the word.

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    Nothing scoped .308 rifles with 165 grain PSP Core-Lokt ammo can't cure.
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    If things were to get ugly and Americans DO get involved I believe groups like ANTIFA wouldn't stand much of a chance. I would wager a guess though that they would start the trouble and then try and get the UN involved to help stop Civil War II. We all know how things go from there.
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    They already have what I call and others used to call Agitation/Propaganda teams out there inciting violence and at times killing people directly.
    Usually three man teams.
    No telling exactly what they have organized.
    I'd take an educated guess they are following the communist insurgency playbook to the letter.
    I'd suggest if anyone has plans of doing armed overwatch for our side they get up to speed on urban guerilla and sniping tactics real dang quick!
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    And suppressed would be a good idea.
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