The M-A1 Steyr pistols.

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    I recently had an opportunity to examine a couple of these. The sights are nothing short of amazing and are exceedingly kind to middle-aged eyes. The angled grip gave me pause until I held it, and then I was pleased to no end with how the pistols felt in my hand. And then it came to me, despite the almost Star Trek phaser-ish looks of the pistol, what it actually is, is the second coming of the Luger. It holds like a Luger, the sights are reminiscent of the old WW1 era gun. I wonder that these Steyrs are not more popular, I imagine they would also exhibit the P-08's accuracy and they have that famous pistol's natural pointing ability as well, and they are far simpler to field strip and clean. The M-A1 series should become popular as they outshine most other modern polymer pistols in almost every way. They do what the others do, only better, and for old guys like me, they have a familiar nostalgic feel in the hand and incredibly easy to aquire sights. And one more thing, unlike other pistols of this generation, they are attractive, in a sci-fi sort of way, as they are linear, streamlined and feel like a proper pistol in your hand, instead of like a brick. Of all the polymer pistols I've held, I like this one the best, it really does remind me of the Luger in all the most positive ways.
  2. looks a lot like a Sigma with a weird trigger guard lol

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    Give one a try at the range Thrillbilly, I have a feeling it might change your mind.
  4. I've never seen a Steyr firearm in person. (ETA I have seen/handled an AUG...I like it)

    I didnt even know they made modern handguns, all the steyrs I know is the vintage models and the AUG.
  5. They have quite the lineup of ultra long range snipers like the AS50 and a few others in .460 and 338 Lapua and 300 win mag.

    I get the feeling this would be a nice handgun, but Steyr comes with a price tag. I don't know what these go for, but it'd sure be out of my budget.
  6. Buy Steyr Handguns

    they are cheaper then GLOCKs....but I already have my Austrian polymer love...

    I would gladly try one out, but Im content with my Glocks.
  7. Wow, I'm shocked. Given the prices on their rifles, I would've anticipated far more.
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    I love my m40a1. it points like it belongs in my hands feels and looks better then a glock.
    never had a FTF/FTE with anything I put in it.from super cheap dirty to ultra clean to hand loads.

    I have had guys that own 4-5 glocks say that its a super hand gun to shoot

    ease of tear down simple.

    I don't know how true it is but I heard that someone that worked on the 1st gen of glocks wanted to fix a few things and was told no he went to steyr and they loved his idea
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    here's mine

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