The matte finish on Ruger rifles might be lame.

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  1. This is in regards to my RUGER AMERICAN Predator.

    I sent Ruger customer service this following message:

    "Hello: My new Ruger rifle seems to have a weak finish on the receiver. It seems to wear off from just using gun oil, clean cleaning patches and a nylon toothbrush-type gun brush. There are bare (white) metal spots inside the "C" of AMERICAN most predominantly. A few other areas of this receiver are spotty where bare metal shows. This receiver looks matte black. What material is the finish specifically? Is the exterior metal black finish covered under warranty from premature abnormal wearing off as from normal cleaning? This gun has not even been fired once yet. I gave the gun its initial cleaning according to the manual and noticed that the finish is looking spotty on the left-side of the receiver where RUGER AMERICAN is stamped."

    I sent a message here the other day about this same rifle. It takes vigor to chamber a round and close the bolt. Also there is a loose piece screwed onto the end of the barrel."

    I bought this Predator at my local Academy not long ago. The other Predator that was in the store on display had much worse cosmetic spottiness on the receiver and I thought it might have been from just rough handling of the gun. My new Ruger American Ranch rifle has much nicer and more durable finish on the receiver and normal cleaning methods did not harm the finish one bit. The Predator rifle might have been built on a Monday or a Friday while the Ranch rifle might have been built on any other work day.

    I still like the paramilitary-style black (or gunmetal gray) finishes on Colt AR-15s, army M16s and Remington 870s (I own such a Remmy) much better. These new matte black finishes so common on today's sporting guns seem to have a powdery/gritty feel and cleaning patches and silicone gun cloths rubbed over them seem to feel very sticky. Cloths leave lot of lint on these fine-grit sandpaper-like matte gun finishes. When rubbing a coat of gun oil over this type of finish to beautify it, it seems to have a mottled look. I have to massage the oil into the finish with a nylon toothbrush to "groom" it so the finish looks even and smooth in sheen and color. Likewise, I used the military toothbrush to groom the barrels and receivers in the army for my M16s to make them look pretty. CLP works real nice on M16 finishes, however and those finishes are rather slick on the surface and not gritty. The toothbrush also removes cloth lint and debris from any stampings in the metal. Rubbing alcohol seems to clean any gunk (including CLP) off these finishes quite nicely. Break-Free CLP seems to gum up these "friction" finishes badly. This type finish shows fingerprints really easily when handled. I prefer slick traditional blue finishes over these new matte black finishes but I can make black matte look neat by buffing it with a toothbrush after using cloths and a light coat of oil. The finish on my new Predator seems to be inferior in durability to the finish on my new Ranch still.

    Rubbing cleaning patches over the matte black metal on my two new Ruger Americans leaves a yellow residue on the patches. Ruger must put some preservative on them. Rubbing alcohol on clean white patches seems to remove this gunk nicely.
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    lol they must LOVE you.

    I guess every firearms manufacturer needs 'that guy' who calls in.

    Might I suggest you get one of these:

    I'm sure they'd welcome your critiques and love to hear from you !
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    I have several Ruger firearms. Some have had the problems you describe, some required barrel replacement to reach my standards of accuracy. Good of you to let the manufacturer know about and respond to your observations. NOT

    I have the means and ability to solve the stated problems, many of my Rugers now have been refinished in black parkerize and/or re anodized. Yes, I'm a picky old bustard, I will build what I want.

    I don't buy multiple thousand's of dollar guns, I use Entry level production guns and build what I want/ need. buying cheap and expecting gold plated performance is just silly to me. Yer money, Yer choice...

    My advice, return it , pay the 50% restocking fee and buy something else. better yet, sell it to me, cheap.

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    Luckily every manufacturer does seem to have that guy. Terrible shame they all have to share the same one, though.
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    I can't imagine buying the bargain-basement big-box-store version of an already inexpensive gun, and then complaining that you didn't get a flawless gem.
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    for 300 bucks your lucky it works.
    P.S. don't measure the internal dimensions if your expecting match grade there too.
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    Pony up and spend some big money if you’re not happy with the budget guns.
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    You just can't fix Stupid !
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  9. This particular Ruger was about $490 with sales tax. My brother's two Mossy's, built in the 1990's, and my Remmy 870, built in 2007, are budget (under $500) guns all with original quality durable finishes. I will try push Sturm, Ruger Co., Inc. to the limit to fix whatever I don't like under the warranty. I'm not going to spend a fortune to custom-upgrade what's basically a poor man's gun. I would rather have a nice vintage Swedish rifle in like-mint shape like Husqvarna, Carl Gustaf or something if I were going to pee away dough. The finest long guns in the world are going to have been made in Europe or England. The top countries for sporting rifles and shotguns are Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany and Belgium. My new Benelli Super Nova, Italian-made as it is, is no exclusive gun retailing around the $500 mark but it does seem to be well-finished in its own version of matte black.
  10. I'm not even sure it works yet. Hasn't even been fired. It does take vigor to get the bolt closed on a chambered round. It's like a typical pump shotgun, you can't pussie-foot the action and get reliable feeding and extraction.

    The CZ wood-stocked hunting bolt action rifles might be the nicest made for under $1,000. European-made. I love that spherical bolt handle knob on the 557 American. Calibers:
    1. CZ 557 American 6.5x55
    2. CZ 557 American 270 Win.
    3. CZ 557 American 30-06
    4. CZ 557 American Short Action 243 Win.
    5. CZ 557 American Short Action 6.5 Creedmoor
    6. CZ 557 American Short Action 308 Win.

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    It’s not the 90’s anymore. $500 doesn’t get what it used to.
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    I just bought a cheeseburger at McDonalds, and it DID NOT meet my exacting standards, and I WILL be complaining about it.

    The meat was not hand-separated filet mignon, the cheese was not made by Russian virgins using milk from a Himalayan goat, the bread was not from a French boulangerie in Provence and the pickles weren't Bavarian.

    On top of that, they insisted on using peasant condiments...something called "Catch-up" I believe, and a runny yellow substance they CLAIM was mustard. Everyone knows mustard should be stone-ground in Dusseldorf and applied only with a Dutch Mostardmes made from the purest gold. Why, I bet they didn't even bother to apply these "condiments" by the light of candles rendered from the finest swan fat.

    I am angry at this McDonalds and will expect a full refund after I eat half my burger.
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    Reminds me of a few months ago I was visiting my friends gun shop. We were in back talking and watching the cameras on the screens. This guy walks in with a new Double barrel shotgun and was yelling and complaing about it. The sales guy helping him asked his issue. He said the barrels were all rusted inside. The guy special ordered the double barrel shotgun there a week earlier. He shot it and was cleaning it. It was a parkerized finish and import shotgun. It was the parkerizing that got inside and he never cleaned out. It was gray color and not rust color. They ended up giving him his money back to get rid of him. Guy uses gun to hunt and then cleans. Wants a refund and nothing the matter.
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    Why didn't you buy one instead of the Ruger?
  15. When examining the Ruger at the Academy counter, I couldn't just stand there and scrub the receiver with my patches, gun oil and toothbrush as an acid test for the finish's durability. Now I can see sandpaper summarily taking the black finish off the gun. Some things just can't be foreseen. A lot of positive reviews about these Rugers all over the Internet. Nobody on the Web had complained about the matte black finish (Cerakote or whatever the devil it is) coming off with toothbrushes, oil and 100% cotton patches. Testors model airplane 400 and 600 grit sanding films (hobby sanding sheets) taped to a chopstick and wrapped around it tightly make a wonderful tool to smooth out the fuzzy plastic mold flash along the edges of the Ruger plastic stocks. Around the screw wells. Around the square trigger hole. Along the edges running along the barreled action. Of course the stock has to be removed from the gun to detail it so nicely. I was pleasantly surprised by the aluminum bedding blocks found inside the stock and the fact that the Ruger barrel is free-floated. I had to use my flat file to gently remove rough burrs off the bolt handle near the square base that fits to the bolt body on this Predator. That worked out quite nicely. I was an automobile mechanic and army truck mechanic by former trade so I have some mechanical proficiency. I was also a soldier once and young and exposed to many weapons. The army has made me very fussy about the appearance and cleanliness of firearms. In basic training, the sergeant major was impressed about how shiny my M16 barrel was inside that he dropped the soldier next to me when he inspected his barrel in ranks. The Ruger plastic stocks are a bit cheesy as compared with the synth stock on my Remmy 870 and virtually every other plastic-stocked firearm I've owned or/and fired. I bought a 3/16" allen wrench to remove the the plastic stock to detail it with the "sanding stick". All my other allen wrenches and hex sockets are metric since I use them mostly to work on my car and my bicycle. Ruger guns still use SAE screws.
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    Karen called and wanted to speak to the manager about who this other guy is calling in all the time and tying up all the customer service lines. :p
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    It wouldn't matter if this guy paid $500 for a $4k custom built rifle, He'd still nit pick it to death.

    From what I gather, he has little to no knowledge about any firearm's. Other than the Youtube video's that he believes every word from. He expects Rolls Royce quality at a Ford Pinto price.
    He needs to find a new hobby, because firearms definitely aren't his forte!
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    Yeah. If this had been his one and only post to this effect, my response would have been, "Wow, I knew Ruger was slipping a bit, but I didn't know it was this bad. I will bear this in mind for my customers and future orders."

    The fact that this is the umpteenth one of these complaints he has posted about numerous companies, with most being nitpicky BS that wouldn't bother most people, is what makes this so awful.

    The fact that in every one of these he compares this budget product he bought to something several price ranges higher, and wonders why they aren't as good, makes it worse.

    I can't imagine living like this, in a constant state of type-written complaint.

    "Dear water company,
    I would like a refund on the cost of my water because my tap water doesn't taste like Evian"

    "Dear Velveeta,
    I would like to complain about your cheese product because it clearly isn't made in small artisanal batches on an Amish farm."

    "Dear Kia,
    How dare you sell me this piece of junk that I specifically looked at, test drove, and signed paperwork for for $20,000 when you should have sent me a Mercedes- Maybach for the same money."

    "Dear Fruit of the Loom,
    I would like to complain that when I fart in your underwear it does not smell like sandalwood and pipe tobacco. I demand a full refund of my skidmarked skivvies."
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    This is why I like to build my own Mausers !!!
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    I'm fine with just buying higher quality and then beating it down to the lower quality equivalent by using it.