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Mossberg The Mossberg model 46

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by Mooseguy_87, May 18, 2014.

  1. My grandpa gave me this rifle a few months back and I love it. He got it brand new when he left the USAAF in 1946. Now the thing I think I contracted another virus similiar to the mosin-itis, but this in involves mossberg 22 tube fed rifles. I want another on, or 2, or 4 of these rifles. Problem I have been scouring the interweb for days trying to find one of these for sale. Does anyone have any leads as to where I can purchase one?
  2. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

  3. Was mainly looking for a tube fed but this is still a cool rifle I might have to buy it thanks for the info!
  4. Tall22shooter

    Tall22shooter G&G Regular is a great sight. I have bought two Mossbergs through there. You can search for any types of guns on there
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