The MSM is barely scratching the surface on the story

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    Copied from a private group:

    From a Seattle police officer last night:

    "Hey guys, I have a little down time so here is an update on things here. Absolute madness here. Can't even express it all. Day 12 for us and our Mayor and chief abandoned a major precinct and gave it to the anarchists. Unthinkable. 9 blocks of our city under the complete control of these terrorists. No joke. This is unreal. No police, no fire dept, no sanity allowed in. They have an armed force patrolling, manning checkpoints and stopping cars and citizens at gun point. They are creating a currency, an ID system, a supply system that includes food, water, ammo and chemical weapons. They have access to the precinct and have made it their hq. Our "leaders" are completely silent and the city council is completely complicit. Yes, they have been on the front lines WITH the anarchists and yes, last night one council member let about 200 into city hall. The warlord in charge of the new "capitol hill autonomous zone" (CHAZ) drives a tesla and has been arrested for drugs, guns, pimping and crimes against children and is on a federal child porn watch list. He carries an AK-47 and has already started abusing people inside. WTF? You can't make this up. We have been castrated. There is no recovering from this. We can't go near the zone and have been warned by our dept to stay away. We are only working for each other now. We have been in battles where these psychopaths have hit us with rocks, cinderblocks, homemade napalm, and even IEDs. Multiple injuries and THEN we gave up the precinct. Now the guns are out. This city can burn. I'm working on my exit plan now. The city and state hates us and gives us no support, in fact the leaders are actively supporting this very real insurgency. Yet, all you hear in the media is that they are merely peaceful protesters. This is real. There is a part of our country that is no longer under our control. People need to know. This is not about race. It's about control. Share it, but DON'T say my name."
  2. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    The "msm" isn't about telling the news, any more.
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  3. Huey Rider

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    This will only encourage anarchists to do the same elsewhere. Someone needs to step in, remove the idiots in office and show these punk commies that this won’t fly.
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    S.W. MO
    Every law enforcement officer in the country should call in sick for 3 days. This nonsense would be ended very quickly.
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  5. Gray Wolf

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    Let's look at this from another angle. They want to take over more democratic $^%+hole cities and be autonomous? I say good, let them. Get the good citizens out, revoke citizenship for anyone choosing to stay. Build walls around the cities, and guard the borders.

    Non-citizens don't get welfare, unemployment checks, and don't vote in our elections. Give federal aid to loyal citizens stuck in those cities to help them relocate to the USA.

    No foreign aid from us to those rebels. Make them understand that the country does not need the cities, The cities need the country!
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  6. Junction15

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    I would like to say "unbelievable!" But it is not unbelievable.

    But I have to ask just to be sure: We see so much fake crap - is there anyway to know if the "Seattle police officer's post" is real? Can someone vouch for it?

    Assuming truth: it sounds like Seattle will not learn anything until their beloved little terrorists start executing citizens for non-compliance. And by then there won't be enough of a police force to help - so Trump will have to send in the troops.
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  7. BigEd63

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    Just Google or YouTube videos of the destruction there.

    Seattle had become a fruit and nut magnet to rival San Fransisco.

    Tolerance ain't it stylish?
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  8. Jim Bridger

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    We all may relive April 12th 1861. In the end war will cleanse the chausse.:usa2:
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  9. PaleHawkDown

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    I wonder where that officer got his information regarding the guy's criminal history? Doing a basic records search, none of that shows up.

    I don't mean I can't find where he did those things, because he admits in interviews he has been a pimp, and a drug dealer, and has gotten in trouble with guns.

    What I mean is that what should be public records on this guy do not show up. I couldn't find arrest records, court records or anything.

    The other day a video was released of him issuing ARs out of the back of his car. Where did those come from? If he has been arrested for those other crimes why isn't someone making a bigger deal about a felon who is not supposed to have guns having an arsenal and handing those guns out to strangers in the street?
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    Can you imagine if that was some tea party granny handing out AR's, the libtards would of had the them shot down long ago. I am sick of the double standard.

    What about the majority, which is the taxpayers being forced to sit back and watch as terrorists take over a city. No where have I heard anything about cutting taxes if we cut police, its all about redistributing that money to undeserving miscreants.
  11. Cyrano

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    New York
    There was a news report on American Military News over the weekend about the leftist scumvermin trying the CHAZ nonsense in Asheville, NC and getting stomped flat by the police before it could take root. Perhaps our members in NC can provide more details?
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  12. Leftyfixit

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    I can see this getting bloody before it's over The force used to subdue those who are in rebellion will be costly.
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  13. BigEd63

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    I'll say this I'm 54, gimped up feet and knees. On a good day I'm limping along pretty fast, Sasquatches have long strides. On a bad day pain gets me in a mood like a sow grizzly with PMS and a toothache.
    All my close kin folk are gone, no wife no kids. And you all probably know how I feel about communists and street thugs regardless of skin tone.
    I know what I'm going to do.
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  14. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist


    Portland said the $$ they cut from the police budget would go to social services.:rolleyes:
    That's money down a bottomless pit!
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  15. Jim Bridger

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    American's are being tricked. The Left/Democrats have broke our strong economy. They have used the Flu which is an annual purge of health to destroy our economy and depose our civilian Police.
    They have given us a Recession and a terrible terroristic street gang problem.:mad:
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