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    Funny, I used to to do the same! Took excedrin so much during my first enlistment to combat hangovers, I think they did more damage to my liver than the alcohol! I as well discovered all their products are the exact same ingredients and dosage, just relabeled
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  2. ItstheHOFF

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    The grappling pits in the army and Marines are still old tire chips. If there’s any link to cancer, the military must not be making that connection. In all fairness, they’re known to sweep things under though
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  3. [​IMG]

    I bet Biden won't sniff her hair!
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  4. ... He's a Senile Pervert - I bet he Would!
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    It looks like the love child of Ronald McDonald and pretty much any other character in this picture:

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    A picture of a dead Bigfoot shot in the Cape Breton Highlands. The hunter ( Shotgun Murry ) claimed to have shot it, but after extensive research it is believed to have died from Corona virus. He was already dead when the hunter shot him. It was also proven by the CBC NEWS that this was all Trump's fault. TRUE STORY ! I saw it on Facebook!
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    BTW Anybody recognize the movie that scene is from.
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    Tonight on the History Channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Patriot with Mel Gibson. Right before he sets fire to the church.
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    California's newest Congress It cause IT ain't a person.
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    And that dude was a stone cold killer.
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    Congratulations! You win a cookie.
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    Don Rickles. " Kelly's Heroes"
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