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    The percentage is based on this:
    "Compare to Seasonal Designs RF3N $22.98"
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    Remember when you were a kid and used to have random doodles on a page; kinda useless things but just scribbling random synapses ?

    Well, that's what this is. Only someone gave governor d!ckhead pretty stationery to doodle on. Looks like his intelligence never got out of 3rd grade.

    No way it'll ever happen. The laws of physics aren't governed by politicians.
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    He intends to ban all new gas powered vehicles but will allow used ones to be sold. However, apparently nothing will prevent folks from crossing over the state line and buying new. I am thinking a dealership about 1/4 mile across the line in Nevada would be a money maker.
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    Newsom is the epitome of a DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL: 1/2 Mental Midget, and 1/2 petty tyrant with a podium of power. He is a triplet for Canada's Prime Minister Trudope, and New York's governor Cuomo.

    All three are TOTALLY out of touch with reality.
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    It's Awful What She Did, Even Though We Are Unclear Of The Exact Date And Time...Or Location... :rolleyes:

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    Patient: “So, doc, what’s my diagnosis?”
    Doctor: “Hmm… I don’t know how to say this…”
    Patient: “Just say it…”
    Doctor: “OK what’s your star sign?”
    Patient: “Come on! How can that be relevant?”
    Doctor: “Just humor me.”
    Patient: „OK, my star sign is cancer.”
    Doctor: „See, that there is no coincidence.”
    Patient: …
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    I've heard that somewhere before. Oh ya one of Elizabeth Warren's speeches.
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    Afton NY
    Ah ha, the cat speaks once again. Lol !
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    Smudge the Cat 2024!
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